• WTH gets sillier and more ludicrous as it goes along, which is typical for many suspense genre stories.

  • As a film, 31st October should have served to encourage a sobering sense of responsibility, a more truthful perspective on our identities — both individual and national — and a stronger tendency toward restraint in those who might find violence appealing. And justifying.  There was a goldmine of rich material here, but there is nothing explored of the dark subject matter in this story.

  • Oberoi shows enough promise of a better off-mainstream cinema that should emerge from her kind of storytelling.

  • The upbeat feel of the film is undemanding, and doesn’t have any surprises in store. Watch it if you want some simple stuff that doesn’t annoy you.

  • Though the film conforms to the rules of sports movies quite often, and has its share of embellishments and formulaic tangents too, it never succumbs to sports-movie formulas, rather, it manages to transcend the genre, only because it sticks to honestly telling a true story — so narratively compelling and enthralling the film is. It’s a film that has lots of heart… Go watch it!

  • Instead, the dramatisation of events insipidly tries to answer a few questions. Considering the film’s impressive cast and compelling message, I was willing to cast aside many downers that the film’s narrative is saddled with. But couldn’t overcome its preachy didactic and facile dramatisation of quite a few nuanced real-life tales.

  • The film boasts of a confident command of tone with magnetic performances holding your attention, and film leaves many things unreciprocated. But only if you want to grasp the agonising lives of some of these men and women, and look deeper, you will appreciate. Chauthi Koot is the kind of film that comes once in a while, and therefore, is a must-watch!

  • Refreshingly narrated and well-acted by the cast, the storytelling falters midway. Still, the witty one-liners, cuss-flecked dialogues and deadpan humour are as real as it gets. The film echoes sentiments and experiences of all screenplay writers worldwide, whether in Bollywood or Hollywood. That must be the reason for the young film’s instant connect with moviegoers in the festival circuit wherever it has been screened so far. This is their story, just padded with some caricature and prettiness.

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