• One does not simply walk in to a Vin Diesel movie expecting compelling storytelling and thoughtful cinema, and although ‘xXx’ exists in an alternate reality where the laws of physics simply don’t apply, there are enough crowd-pleasing moments to distract you from a predictable plot and departure from logic. That said, the movie has enough star power to perform well enough, particularly in Asian markets, to ensure yet another insane outing soon.

  • Hollywood’s current obsession with franchise-building might act as a consolation for fans of the game series who might take a leap of faith in a better constructed sequel. Meanwhile, ‘Assassin’s Creed’ becomes another exercise in squandering the considerable talents of its cast and crew.

  • The massive ‘Star Wars’ universe has enough on and off-screen content for fans to chew on, so this prequel/ sequel feels unnecessary at first. Sitting between the 3rd and 4th titles of the series, ‘Rogue One’ manages to undo some of the glaring issues of episodes I to III, while building even more intrigue for the original trilogy IV, V & VI. In fact, it is now a great starting point for someone new to this franchise. To quote one of the familiar lines from this space opera – “the Force is strong with this one”!

  • Watch it, but unless you’d like to get fired, or even arrested for criminal behavior, don’t follow its examples at your upcoming office party.

  • All of this doesn’t distract from the painfully apparent lack of interest written on the face of the lead star Kate Beckinsale – she’s not even the most interesting character in a series built around her, and it’s obvious she’s simply going through the motions to collect another pay check. Clearly this entry is building up to yet another sequel while sacrificing itself in the process, leaving ‘Underworld: Blood Wars’ in a bloody mess.

  • ‘Arrival’ makes you ponder the implications of time, love, life, and death, and the co-relation between communication and the human experience long after the credits roll, making it one of the unmissable films to watch this year.

  • All in all, audiences new and old alike are treated to an endearing adventure with the promise of more to come from J.K. Rowling.

  • With the constant barrage of superhero films, one would think the eventual decline of caped crusaders is inevitable. That might (arguably) be the case, but the MCU shows no signs of releasing comic book fans from their spell, as ‘Dr. Strange’ elevates yet another relatively unknown Marvel character to top tier status, making it well worth a dizzying watch in 3D.

  • Director Sang-ho Yeon coaxes restrained performances from the talented cast which allows the eventual melodramatic climax to hit home without being too hard to digest. This combination makes ‘Train to Busan ’a thoroughly enjoyable, and occasionally thought-provoking experience, making it a must-watch for horror fans!

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