• After the insipid scripting, the lack of connection of Nawaz and Shweta with the audience becomes the movie’s biggest drawback.

    Further during the climax when we pray that this tepidly misguided attempt will reach to some conclusion, a dark, abrupt end makes the matter worse leaving the audience in confusion whether to scratch their brains or tear the screen in which they have just seen HARAMKHOR¬†– ironically, the makers have managed to objectify the movie’s title in the end. BRAVO. What an art!!

  • OK JAANU is breezy, harmless love story that repeats Aditya Roy Kapur and Shraddha Kapoor’s charming and adorable on screen glory (read chemistry).

  • All said and done. XXX : RETURN OF XANDER CAGE may be a celebrated escapism of international standards for the thinking audience but for fans of Deepika and Vin it has enough pleasing moments of pop corn action fun that boosts Deepika’s commercial reach as an international star that can kick some butts in the action genre.

  • DANGAL is not just a film, the finest movie to come out in recent years is an exhilarating experience that sees a conventional sports-movie getting an uplifting arc of women empowerment that penetrates the desire to be a fighter in life irrespective of what gender we belong to, powered by prize winning acts lead by Aamir Khan that can appeal way beyond the lovers of this genre and or the fans of the game of wrestling.

  • I didn’t hate BEFIKRE but that doesn’t mean that I loved it either. The adorable Ranveer and Vani made it watchable but not lovable.

  • …with all its predictability and lost opportunity KAHAANI 2: DURGA RANI SINGH is not a disaster but certainly a chapter on how to make a solid intriguing and shocking plot that concerns turn into a mediocre and routine action drama with limited thrills leaving the star power and super talents of actress like Vidya Balan do the rest. Watch it for the acting powers of Vidya Balan and the suave Arjun Rampal.

  • DEAR ZINDAGI is an impeccably performed touching if not everlasting adage on life and relationship with some soul stirring moments hailing the power of Alia Bhatt as a super performer and SRK as the irresistible cool charmer minus the super star’s ‘arm spread’ we all know.

    Looking for a decent time with your near ones this weekend then DEAR ZINDAGI is your ticket.

  • The sequel of TUM BIN was perfect platform for Anubhav to make some serious noise as a filmmaker but alas! Still we keep this ‘fariyad’ (desire) in our dil (hearts) that Anubhav Sinha just not stick with endearing moments alone in his cinema, he gives an endearing 2+ hours cinema in future… a hint of 2019 was given in the film… just guessing.

  • When you spoil a good movie by doing a bad sequel then the crime gets doubled, but FORCE 2 is in an altogether different zone, I questioned the logic behind the remake of the lousy HIMMATWALA and now I need a spy to understand what was so great about FORCE that we had a forced FORCE 2 as a sequel.

  • Failing to ‘keep the faith’ with the eight year old ‘Magik’, ROCK ON 2 is a completely contrived and forced sequel that ‘loses its religion’ within few minutes and ironically qualifies for a sound tribute to REM (Randomly Executed movie) obviously I didn’t mean the band.

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