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  • XXX: Return of Xander Cage

    XXX: Return of Xander Cage

    All said and done. XXX : RETURN OF XANDER CAGE may be a celebrated escapism of international standards for the thinking audience but for fans of Deepika and Vin it has enough pleasing moments of ...Read More
  • Friend Request

    Friend Request

    Logic takes a hike, with a stabbed Laura running around for 20 minutes solving mysteries and a superior Matrix-level hacker being unable to get beyond the settings on the social media site, yet ...Read More
  • Passengers


    Passengers  could have been  a half-jestful date movie about a pair thrown together as neither has anywhere else to go.  If only it had more to say about human nature when faced with such a ...Read More
  • A Monster Calls

    A Monster Calls

    A Monster Calls is touching and it is lovely and it makes the biggest truth of our lives come alive on screen - "...humans are complicated beasts."
  • Assassin's Creed

    Assassin's Creed

    Even though it's nice that they attempted to try and break the curse of video game movies, it still doesn't take away the fact that this is far from the best movie of 2016.While the gaming ...Read More