• There’s enough dancing and silliness with Snoopy to keep younger kids engaged and enough nostalgia for adults.

    And with his knack for falling into the worst imaginable luck, unfortunate choices, and ridicule by his peers, Charlie Brown is the embodiment of the feelings of anxiety and self-doubt we all carry within us.

  • All in all, Creed is a fan film, a movie made by someone who loved the original Rocky movies and thought he could breathe new life into them

    And Coogler has done exactly that. Despite the cliches.

  • Critically speaking, the only relevant questions would seem to be whether the film suddenly veers from the path that was laid out (and has thus far yielded a billion+ in box office) at the beginning.

    Mockingjay – Part 2 does not.

  • …go ahead; venture into the shadowy halls of Allerdale Hall, open the creaking doors and immerse yourself in the devilish delights of this film.

  • Bridge of Spies is surprisingly warm and funny for a film about the Cold War – a time full of morally grey areas. It doesn’t shrink away from the nastiness of the time – people are shot trying to leave East Berlin – but it’s still quite optimistic with its character portrayals.

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