• Yes, the film is over-wrought, melodramatic and designed as pulp fiction. But it’s intermittently fun.

  • Raajneeti is as exhausting as it is compelling…

  • …it is up to Ranbir to carry Rocket Singh over its limitations and he rises to the challenge exceedingly well.

    Watch his eyes in the scene in which he first discovers that honesty doesn’t pay in this company or his body language in the scene, in which his grandfather has to come to jail to get him. He is outstanding.

  • Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani, a comedy set in a comic book universe, is a frustratingly uneven film. Some of it is genuinely funny and delightful and some of it is repetitive, and annoyingly tedious.

    But even in its most limp moments, what keeps the film from derailing is its lead pair: Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif. There is such sizzle and beauty and unadulterated charm here that you really can’t look away.

  • Wake Up Sid belongs to Ranbir. The actor is pitch perfect as the dazed and confused Sid. He manages to be infuriating, infantile and loveable in the same moment. We root for him from the minute we see his comic-book socks.

  • Kaminey will take some getting used to. It isn’t the comfort food that Bollywood normally dishes out. But I strongly recommend that you see it. This taste is worth acquiring.

  • Harishchandrachi Factory is that rare thing – a delightful film that makes its point with charm, simplicity and a wonderful lightness of being. Director Paresh Mokashi’s triumph is that instead of predictably eulogizing this extra-ordinary man, the film humanizes him and celebrates his utterly mad and ferocious passion for cinema.

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