• Indeed, Krishnashtami is just one more entry in that tall and wide pile. We wouldn’t complain if it worked, but the movie barely holds itself together.

  • Garam is by no means an extraordinary movie or even a good enough one. You’d perhaps enjoy yourself if you didn’t pay too much attention. And that’s as much as this reviewer thought could be said about it. Who knew it could spawn an interesting discussion?

  • The film and its title push us to use a superb reference (BBC’s Black Adder) for a superbly dull film. We have this to say – Point Break is like a broken pencil. It’s pointless.

  • The scariest thing about Bengal Tiger is that it might end up becoming a hit due to Ravi Teja’s following in the masses. If that does happen, God save us from a spate of similar movies. And if it doesn’t, there’s still hope for Tollywood.

  • Although it feels aimless and self-indulgent throughout the first half, X: Past Is Present finds some purpose towards the end. However, you’ll have to be exceedingly forgiving to sit through the first half waiting for the movie to find itself later on.

  • Apart from being based on a morally dubious plot, the film splatters all over itself as it moves into the second half, with no entertainment in an all-uphill losing battle by a witless Viren trying to fend off a terribly excited avalanche. It has its moments in a bit of humor in the first half, in some great acting by young Ayesha Takia and in some melodious songs, but there’s nothing that makes you caw in glee after like 30 minutes.

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