• Size Zero is a one-time watch if only for Anushka. Ironic that after preaching big is beautiful in this film, she finds herself under immense pressure to lose weight and “get back in shape” for Baahubali 2.

  • At the end of the day, Mockingjay Part 2 is like a perfectly good piece of candy that has been ruined by stretching it out till it lost its original flavor. Either way, it’s time to give this franchise the famous three-finger salute and bid it farewell.

  • Ali tries to be a dream peddler with this one, with only partial success. Tamasha could still inspire you if you looked beyond the execution and peered into the heart of the story. We’ll call a spade a spade, and tell you that you might not get as entertained as you’d expect from a Kapoor-Padukone romance. However, we hope this mild misfire doesn’t really impact Ali’s own dreams – he does have some really good ones, you know.

  • …is a dark little film with no subplots or entertainment just for the sake of it. The ending hints at a franchise with inspectors Diwakar and Mallika (Trisha) – bring it on, we say!

  • … you can enjoy Spectre for the same reasons you generally enjoy Bond films – the sleek action, the amazing lead, the cheeky humour, the music, the gadgetry and the Bond girls. Oh wait, the kisses got censored (with awful jump cuts, mind you). Now that’s one thing that’ll ruin our toddy tapper’s visceral experience.

  • Akhil reminds you of the non-stick tawas sold on television. All the incessant advertising and the beaming faces of people in them telling you just how awesome these tawas are. When you finally get one, your dosa invariably sticks to the damn pan. You end up wishing they spent money on making a better product rather on selling it.

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