• Kanchana 3 is hinted at the end, and let’s hope it isn’t as bad as Kanchana 2, which is undoubtedly a weak film in the franchise.

  • The Equalizer isn’t a terrible movie, as action sagas go. It just doesn’t nearly live up to what it aspires to be, which is a smart, classy update of the 1980s TV series of the same name, about an ex-government agent who spends his retirement as a sort of ultra-violent avenging angel, rubbing out villains who treat good people badly.

  • The maze, too, is a letdown. Given that it’s the central conceit of the film, one expects more than domino rows of big cinderblocks. Jack Nicholson’s Jack Torrance, who so memorably stalked the snowy hedge maze of The Shining, wouldn’t bat an eye at these drab corridors.

  • Power shows how lazy Telugu filmmakers who team up with stars have become.
    Power is botched up entertainment.

  • Weak script, too much attention on Suriya spoils Anjaan…

  • This is a Disney movie. The future is yet to come. This one’s a shaky, false start at best, or nonetheless.

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