• Hawaa Hawaai is an extraordinary saga of ordinary lives, the kind we often pass by at traffic signals. Gupte penetrates the heart, mind, soul and dreams of those unsung lives. This is the most moving film on street kids since Mira Nair’s Salaam Bombay.
    This is a not-to-be-missed life-changing experience.

  • The good news first. “Chennai Express” is a pleasant and likable film in parts. The bad news is, it does nothing for Shah Rukh Khan’s imdomitable star power except to tell us he can still play a 40-year Rahul without faltering. That we already know.

  • I recommend a national holiday for the entire nation to go and see this movie. It makes the other recent high-profile acclaimed films look hopelessly inadequate.

  • The real hero of this film is the writing. Rajat Arora’s dialogues flow from the storytelling in a smooth flow of poetry and street wisdom. Aseem Mishra’s sharply -evocative cinematography gives to this rugged-and-razorsharp look at Mumbai’s mythic mating with crime, an urgency that simply can’t be ignored.

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