• Parched is an unconventional drama that acquaints you with the horrible situation of women in rural parts of the country. It is not a regular Bollywood film loaded with drama and entertainment so it might attract only limited audiences. Go for Parched, this weekend only if you have a palate for films of this genre.

  • On the production front, the animation is basic, yet the animated, computer-generated images of the cats seamlessly merge with the live action drama, which is crisp and entertaining.

  • It was quite apparent from the trailer that Madaari is quite predictable. But one does wait for an interesting twist to the tale. Mercifully, Kamat does try hard to tie the loose end. And he does manage to give a rather interesting climax but what has unfolded before he arrives to that conclusion is neither convincing nor engaging.

  • If you are still reeling from the awful experience of watching Housefull 3 and want to get some light fun this weekend, then Great Grand Masti must be on your weekend’s To Do list. Director Indra Kumar, as promised has lived up to the film’s title and makes sure that you get entertained till the end.

  • Shorgul deserves a watch only for the performance of the actors. The plot of the film could have been better and convincing.

  • Akshay Kumar, Abhishek Bachchan and Riteish Deshmukh will tickle your funny bone!
    If only you can manage to check your brains at the entrance of the movie hall!

  • If you are someone who has been disappointed in Bollywood when it comes to horror and thriller films, Phobia is definitely a MSUT WATCH! It is the spookiest films ever made.
    It is spooky, it is spine-chilling, it’s nerve-racking and is worth every penny!

  • Sairaat may be heartbreaking for some to watch. But for a true movie buff of any kind of cinema, it should be a great watch, especially with the two narratives pre- and post-interval.

  • “Nil Battey Sannata” is a sentimental, inspirational film that is provocative and will appeal to everyone.

  • Overall, “Carol” is an unapologetic, slightly mischievous, visually rich, arthouse drama that may have a crossover appeal.

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