• Despite its three hours long drama, the movie rarely bores you with these two romancing while Abhishek, Boman, Sonu and Vivaan giving an impeccable contribution in fun. The action sequences have been worked upon and once set it is deemed to give you goosebumps.
    Performances of all creates a massive impact . As said before Shah Rukh Khan’s screen presence is a major relief for us.

  • Sonali Cable promises a lot but, couldn’t quite stand to it. Debutant director Charudutt Acharya who last wrote the screenplay and dialogues of Ayushmann Khuranna starrer ‘Nautanki Saala’ doesn’t completely loses its way but in the end it doesn’t quite satisfy us.

  • Bang Bang justifies the humongous buzz created in these days. Go for it as Hrithik and Katrina are in there to amuse you throughout.

  • Haider is a classic creation minus Bollywood’s cliché elements. It needs patience and your devotion.

  • Mary Kom is just the kind of tribute fans would have wished to give to the Olympic medalist. It’s a sure shot winner.

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