• A few rough edges aside, the lead pair is the reason to give this film a watch. Alia and Varun are to Humpty Sharma… what Ranveer and Anushka were to Band Baajaa Baaraat. This film may not be as riveting as Band Baajaa…but it’s the chemistry that makes the film, right from the backbone to the soul.

  • Citylights follows the graph of impoverishment, exploitation and the eventual rebellion. The film is as breathless as its protagonists, but there is a certain poetry in its treatment that leaves a mark. Given its premise, some might say it’s old wine in a new bottle. But this bottle’s certainly a keeper.

  • ‘The Amazing Spiderman 2’s major undoing is the overstuffing of characters, sub-plots and back-stories. It’s got not one but three prominent villains, besides several more negative characters. It brings together a bunch of characters spread over the comic series and if you aren’t familiar with the comics, then the story will seem like a confused cocktail.

  • A key advantage of adapting a bestselling novel into a film is that one doesn’t need to sell the story, they just have to tell it. And in the process, they need to stay as honest as possible to their source of inspiration. The editing is at times abrupt, but the sincere performances and the freshness of the film makes these glitches seem too small. It won’t be wrong to say 2 States is a good state for Bollywood to be in.

  • Long after the end credits have rolled, the colours continue float before your eyes as the samba notes ring in your ears. And just for that, Rio 2 justifies a 3D ticket. Don’t miss this musical on wings.

  • Keeping things largely distanced from logic, David clearly plays to his strengths. He knows nobody comes looking for any semblance of realism in his films. So he keeps it shamelessly mindless and there is nothing wrong with that. Full marks to his leading man Varun for carrying an improbable plot to the finish line, making it a fun one-time watch. This hero is here to stay.

  • The political issues highlighted in the film are real and the conclusions offered most times filmi. The film also lacks shades of grey and hence as a political drama, remains somewhat unconvincing. However, with the election fever in the country spreading faster than the plague, a film on a political ideal couldn’t be better timed. It’s an escape but a relevant one.

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