• Had the film been snappier, shorter, it would have been more impactful. If you dig Vishal Bhardwaj’s brand of cinema, a one-time watch wouldn’t hurt much.

  • We have seen Imtiaz Ali and Aamir Khan deal with the same topic in Tamasha and Taare Zameen Par, but Gauri Shinde gives it her signature and links it rather well with romance. It’s painfully slow but has some beautiful moments. Definitely makes for a good one-time watch! 

  • Rock On 2 is a good attempt on following a band’s story. We miss Luke’s Rob but we do welcome the new band members who are effortlessly brought into the band. 

  • Bratty and Bubbly are best buddies. Bratty loves Bubbly. But Bubbly loves the Beyond-Borders-Bearded-Boy. Then Bratty falls in love with the Bold, Beautiful and Bachchan. And amid this quadrangle of Bratty, Bubbly, Bearded and Beautiful, we get three hours of heartbreak, unrequited love and a free trip to three gorgeous cities in Europe.  

  • Our Shivaay is as deluded as his director. He screams at his lady love, for, er…, getting pregnant with his child(?), emotionally blackmails her to keep the baby and then says he is not forcing her to change her decision. Dude, you just tried every trick in the book to dissuade her.

  • Exactly how I left the cinema hall. EXASPERATED!

  • If you gush calling Bhansali an artist, his movies oh-so-beautiful, sheer poetry and all that, then Bajirao Mastani won’t disappoint!

  • I won’t rate the film because to capture genuine efforts of a genuine filmmaker like Hirani in numbers will be unfair. So go watch the film. Like it or dislike it. But be fearless to question it as well, just like PK does, unapologetically, unabashedly in the film.

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