• It all adds up to an over-the-top escapist romp, which is exactly what Fast & Furious fans expect.

  • Watch Mary Kom if you are a Priyanka Chopra fan but if you are looking for some bloody boxing action, then you may be disappointed.

  • Devgn and Shetty should be able to score decently at the box office. Don’t forget this is a film and not real life and don’t question the sequence of events that take place if you want to enjoy it.

  • If you are not squeamish about worm-infested pizzas or bloodied ghosts, you shouldn’t hesitate to take a bite into this one. It’s appropriately nauseating but doesn’t go overboard with gore and relies on tinkling with your head.

  • …the good news is that Kapoor and Malhotra are divine looking. So watching them is a visual treat. But if you are expecting to be blown away by a cliffhanger of a story, then you are knocking on the wrong door.

  • If you are willing to suspend belief for nearly three hours, then this mad bunch may make your day. But for others, it’s just torturous. At some point in the movie, we saw a DVD of Himmatwala (Sajid’s recent box-office debacle) being displayed as a weapon of torture for mentally unstable inmates who break hospital rules. Shouldn’t Humshakals feature on that list too?

  • While they are the central characters, it was entertaining to watch the director flesh out the troubled strains between Krish and his violence-prone father, played by the talented actor Ronit Roy. Their decision to call it a truce was as uplifting as watching the lovers unite at the end of the film. Don’t skip this if you have a thing for happily-ever-after endings.

  • Full marks to Dhawan for carrying a comedy with a questionable plot till the finish line. He lays on the charm thick and nice. And if that didn’t seem to work, he just took off his shirt.
    Watch this if you like films that don’t challenge you to think.

  • It is buffoonery at its worst and a comedy that pretends to carry a social message. Their guns are trained on the greedy real estate magnates that dominate Mumbai. In their process of building skyscrapers, they have forgotten about the dead, the ghosts claim. At one point, Kher even rolls out a plea about graveyards getting smaller and the dead suffocating in their own coffins. If that didn’t kill you, then you may just survive Gang Of Ghosts.

  • What’s also unbelievable is the sudden turnaround by the terror-inducing dad. The villain becomes an ally of love. But as long as you don’t analyse it too much, Bewakoofiyaan (which means Stupidities) can make for a fun watch.

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