• …this is no mindless gore-fest, as the director and actors do a good job of drawing you into their heads — no matter how warped or twisted.

  • While Shamitabh may not be gripping from start to finish, it’s a treat to watch its lead actors. They make it work even if it’s not heavy on plot.

  • PK makes for an entertaining one-time watch. Their hearts are in the right place, but this drama would have benefitted hugely from tighter editing and enhanced screen time for cameo stars Sushant Singh Rajput and Boman Irani. Sanjay Dutt, in an extended cameo as a large-hearted villager, pitches in perfectly.
    Watch this film if you are a Khan fan and want to learn a thing or two about religious tolerance without making it a bitter pill for viewers.

  • It’s a confident, succinct film (93 minutes) that doesn’t shy away from being subtle and doesn’t underestimate the intelligence of its viewers. It’s a film that may not claim to change the world, but it does bring a smile to your face for at least a day.

  • The story is predictable, but this film is made watchable primarily because of Bhatt and Dhawan. This film may not go down as the biggest romance of 2014, but it’s not fair to write it off either.

  • While the first half is refreshingly devoid of needless drama, director Tiwari makes up for all that lost time. The climax is loaded with melodrama and tears. But the credit has to go to Akhrot and Bhoothnath for making the twists palatable. Watch this for Bhalerao and Bachchan (in that order).

  • But it’s the chemistry between Balan and Akhtar that keeps this romantic comedy tingling. They have an effortless chemistry and we buy into their marriage madness primarily because of their acting muscles. While it’s engaging and non-preachy for most parts, it’s best if you don’t question how Sid, who plays a struggling musician, affords that slick lifestyle and a nanny in a single income household. If you can forego such practicalities, you are good to watch Shaadi Ke Side Effects.

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