• With its story and characters crumbling under its cinematic ambition, the only thing that makes Mohenjo Daro a sweeping cinematic experience is its visuals. To see the glorious legends of the Indus Valley Civilisation comes to life is a bargain worth the price of an admission ticket. Hrithik Roshan’s charisma adds a nice bonus to the deal. But this historic saga is also peppered with a lot of mumbo jumbo filmmaking antics that steal its thunder. Mohenjo Daro is a well-made film, just not very well thought out.

  • The Legend Of Michael Mishra suffers from some very amateur execution. The film’s got decent music, a very talented cast, but it seems the makers were hell bent on making this flick with a surreal and bizarre tone. Looks like they got a little too cheeky.

  • The set pieces in Ice Age: Collision Course work fine. A giant asteroid is about to destroy planet Earth and the way the mammals manage to avoid the catastrophe is engaging in parts. But the movie’s constant effort to be an Ice Age film hard selling family values is tiring and unoriginal. If the storytelling is inconsequential to your movie watching experience, Collision Course works out. But if you are a seasoned movie buff, chances are you’ll be bored to death.

  • Gunday is an action film. Naturally it has a certain element of frivolity. But it could’ve been more. The scenes needed more gravitas. The telling of the tale needed more spirit. When Bala’s and Bikram’s worlds collide the proceedings become dramatic. But the drama is all mechanical and not emotional enough. It needed to stop and allow the audience to empathise with the protagonists.

  • The plot developments in YPD2 are as wonky and hare-brained as you’ve seen in any recent run-of-the-mill comedy. You’re better off disassociating any hope of logic. Just believe that movies were never meant to have legitimate reason in the story.

  • So it all boils down to the final word. Do you watch it or not? Of course you do. Just make sure silliness in films doesn’t offend you. If you like parodies and light-hearted romances Ajab Gazabb Love has all the trappings to make you feel happy.

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