• Shanghai is all Dibakar, who we must lift on our shoulders with grateful pride. And we must exult in the fact that this D is never silent.

  • Backstories and complicated genealogies are frankly rather extraneous in this bloody, bullet-riddled Anurag Kashyap world, where we choose our allegiances to characters based on the movie stars they idolise and the songs they hum. Who shot first isn’t as important as whose shot looked sexier.

  • The film too is defiant, but in more juvenile fashion. Director Milan Luthria’s approach to this heroic harlot is a masala one, and in its urge to please crowds, forsakes much potential nuance that could have made this a great film instead of merely a film with a great lead character.

  • What Delhi Belly has, unlike many of its young slick contemporaries, is a plot. A nice, tight, pacy little plot which has lots of satisfying little set-ups and pay-offs, and where everything comes together very well indeed.

  • There’s a cop, an ex-wife, a groupie, assorted mafioso, the cop’s girl, a nosy landlady, a bizarrely brutal father, yadda yadda yadda. It’s all utterly unnecessary, except to give the viewer a mild respite from Bachchan-gazing.

  • The best, purest film to come out of Hindi cinema in a while, this. Take a bow, Man With No Tiffin. Take a bow while we take off our hats.

  • Lines soaked with gallows-humour are all well and good, but a cat and mouse game can never work as well if the mouse isn’t any fun at all.

  • It’s bleak, bittersweet, funny and markedly unglamorous, and yet you come out humming the theme tune, your head blown clear off your shoulders.

    Hell yeah. Welcome to adulthood, Bollywood, can we get you another beer?

  • Shimit Amin’s film is an unspectacular one. And it’s quite hard to express just how bloody refreshing that is. Comfortable in its own skin, the film never tries too hard, and while it takes a little while to really get going, it completely eschews glitz and bling.

  • Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani might be laden with faults in the conventional sense of the word, but if you give yourself over to the madness, you emerge having a pretty good time. Watch it through 80s-tinted glasses and you’ll have an absolute ball.

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