• One of the tracks in the film, Jiyo Lalla, has a line that goes: ‘Lagake taaron mein tadka, chalo maggi banate hain’. Like the now infamous two-minute noodles, the makers seem to have had an instant recipe for a film — take a social evil as the premise, stir in some real-life incidents, throw in some juveniles and season it with a bunch of assorted characters. The end result is a hard-to-digest khichdi. – See more at: http://www.mid-day.com/articles/uvaa—movie-review/16324152#sthash.PsGEhceo.dpuf

  • The film does manage to raise chuckles and has its moments, but the deliberate exaggeration for repeated comic effect ends up making the assorted characters into caricatures. Things are in-your-face and nothing is left to the audience’s imagination.

  • In case you’re looking for plain entertainment, this extravagant endeavour won’t disapppoint. So who do you want to see the film for? Himesh or Honey? The choice is entirely yours.

  • Adult comedies can be an engaging watch but there is a difference between being super-funny and outright vulgar. Grand Masti leans heavily on the latter. The makers seem to think that the audience can comprehend only in-your-face-humour.

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