• While credit must be given to writer-director Rumy Jaffery for focusing on the issue of corruption noble intentions don’t necessarily make a notable work of art. Certainly Gali Gali Chor Hai(GGCH) must have sounded amusing and topical on paper.It is a savagely stinging satire on the harassment of the average law-abiding middleclass man, played with arresting earnestness by Akshaye Khanna, in the hands of various touts, middlemen, law enforcers, goons and politicians all of whom infest the tranquil city of Bhopal with the destructive determination of termites eating into a ‘system’ that has long ceased to be if any consequence , moral or ethical.

  • It’s all too pretty, too predictable and too soft and gentle to make a lasting impact.

  • If only we knew what was so funny. Loot is a hoot. And a painful reminder of the collapse of the comic caper in Bollywood in a heap of inadequacy. The writing reaches a stalemate even before the actors warm up to their roles.

  • Shagird is not devoid of merit. The Patekar characters affinity to vintage film songs gives a centre to an otherwise-doddering tale of desperate corruption.

  • One wouldn’t like to see Zokkomon as a wasted effort. It pushes the envelope a little towards the right direction in providing entertainment for kids. Through Darsheel’s endearing screen presence the plot is able to overcome its inherent deficiencies and connect with young minds.

  • Hugely disappointing.

  • While “Tere Bin Laden” is many notches above the run-of-the-mill satire, as a spectral swipe at Osama-phobia, Bush-bashing and global terrorism, this one doesn’t quite make the cut.

  • This is the only gangster film in loving memory with no punctuation marks. No shot in the entire larger-than-strife films on murky morality lasts longer than five seconds. But within that selflimited footage the narrative scans the faces and souls of these ruthless gangsters and cops with savage candour.

  • Socha Na Tha is an endearing effort to give a virgin twist to the boy-meets-girl theme. And though Abhay Deol is not quite the new dude to watch out for he does hint at a talent that could emerge in the future.
    At a time when the old guard is collapsing in a hysterical heap we can only be thankful for the gift of freshness albeit designer-freshness.

  • To come across a film with so many talented actors all under one roof is a delightful experience. Chal Bhaag is one of those hectically plotted adventure stories where the fast flowing fund of ideas and words indicate the presence of minds that understand the grammar of commercial cinema.

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