• If there is one thing that director Gurmmeet Singh gets right about his film, it’s the title. What the Fish is filled with absurd situations and an array of supposedly quirky, certainly irresponsible characters whose job is to annoy you. Do they succeed! Their accomplice in this crime is a script which prides itself in being inane but fails terribly in being even remotely funny.

  • Everything is heavily choreographed: from the songs to the action sequences. Kapoor demonstrates that he is the best dancer in Bollywood with fluid moves and energy in “Gandi Baat” and “Sari Ke Fall Saa”. But the action soon becomes tiring as there are only that many flying and rolling bodies that you can see. Towards the climax, one feels one is watching a bout of the Ultimate Fighting Championship whose result is long known.

  • The film is full of absurdities which border on ludicrous. A Virar train has never looked this empty. A parrot dies and his remains are eaten by a cat. A sugarcane vendor does shayari.

  • Watch the first half of Ragini MMS or get hold of The Conjuring. These films accomplish in doing what Ragini MMS 2 fails to.

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