• The film does occasionally seem like a battle of good vs evil and might vs mettle. As much as it is about Phillips’ ordeal, it is also a battle in which the well-equipped American Navy SEALs take on four skinny Somali men stuck in a lifeboat. It’s a sight that inspires as much awe as amusement.

  • Traditionally, Bollywood is known to turn biopics into hagiographic accounts of the subjects. But Shahid stops short of hero worship and is a fitting tribute to an inspiring figure.

  • Manjule also offers a vivid, real picture of life in rural Maharashtra. There is Jabya ironing his clothes with the base of a hot glass. Or when the family goes out to collect wood to weave baskets. Proving that is a great storyteller, Manjule especially creates endearing scenes between Jabya and Piraji, who engage in fun and candid conversation about yearnings. Watch out for a lovely dream sequence which both tickles and moves.

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