• No doubt Vidya tries her best to deliver another great performance of her career as projected, learning the Hyderabadi accent well. But in reality, she not even gets close to the legendary Sanjeev Kumar doing nine different roles in NAYA DIN NAYI RAAT (1974), if only one wants to study the same in comparison terms. Hari Bhai (as fondly called) did that rare splendid act to perfection and Vidya’s most of the getups were not even properly done with padding visibly coming out of her arms in one of the ugly ones. Plus keeping in mind her last venture GHANCHAKKAR, I am forced to assume that Vidya is now probably gone into the avoidable zone of over-confidence experimenting with many new concepts. But her vision is not being properly reciprocated and understood well by the directors she is working with. And BOBBY JASOOS is the perfect example of the same, evidently.
    Anyway in spite of all its big shortcomings, the two major positive points about the film remain that firstly it’s a different genre (a detective film) bravely tried by the makers after a long time. And secondly where we did have many male detectives in the past like DO JASOOS (1975), GOPICHAND JASOOS (1982)and more, we never really had a lady detective portrayed as the lead character in a film as well in its title ever before in the history of Hindi Films. So BOBBY JASOOS at least deserves some extra marks for these two positive points alone but can also easily be skipped till its Cable or Home Video release in the coming months.

    July 10, 14