• Outstanding! an unique masterpiece gift from bollywood on the independence day

    I dont understand what d critics really want from a movie? It’s a Bollywood movie guys dont except a GameOfThrones type storyline..idiots..
    Its low budget extraordinary movie🙌really like it.. little bit long but the entertainment not let u realize that its too long. Akshay eic performance i repeat epic. Bhumi dibyendu all casts r superb. Everythng is fantastic. U cant give less than 7 out of 10.. some critics hv gvn 5😂 i hv doubt tbey hv seen it or not. Akshay didn’t arrange special screening for them b4 friday so they came with rating 4-5.. poor guys…
    If u want reviews go to youtube u can get direct public reviews fr9m thr. The critics r idiots

    August 11, 17