• Ajay films critic

    wonderful cinematography. very good script but predictable. i loved it. cast is very good n done their job.

    November 12, 18
  • Ajay film's critic

    some what interesting, ending poor

    October 27, 18
  • Ajay film's critic

    not so scary, logic less

    October 27, 18
  • Ajay film's critic

    not thrilling , bad platform and not excited.

    September 18, 18
  • Ajay films critic

    very excited to see every clip

    September 07, 18
  • Ajay films critic

    absolutely amazing movie in recent times

    September 06, 18
  • Ajay film critic

    action scenes are good, story is bad, not thrilled with story. zero logic clips.

    August 03, 18
  • Ajay films critic

    zero logic , slow narration , unwanted scenes

    July 18, 18
  • some of the few imp scenes not had shown that makes movie a little bit low from expectation.

    July 07, 18
  • Ajay film critic

    its time to stop rajini sir doing movies, we are the rajini fans cant see him like old old old. no great fights no style , no big dialogues. not his range movie. stop doing in tamil . take movies from directors like sankar , rajamouli.

    June 12, 18
  • Ajay film critic

    we felt amazed when they are in park, but when it comes in town it makes uninterest.there is no excitement in the end. the created dinosaur seems n feels like animated picture in the cartoon network.

    June 12, 18
  • wonderful movie to watch out the real story of pokhran, every indian should watch the movie.

    May 26, 18
  • Ajay film critic

    comedy and action thriller, one time watchable. the heroine after dying scenes makes cinema taken to old cinema theory.

    May 25, 18

    good script of real story. expected few stunning scenes.

    May 12, 18
  • Enjoyable

    the movie shows end of some super heroes. climax is very confused that what happened and where the movie is going on.

    April 30, 18

    undigestable scenes , idiotic , narration good. script very bad

    April 22, 18
  • Excellent

    the description of the movie is nice. sometimez u may feel this is too much to watch.

    April 13, 18
  • Terrific

    movie should start with ,how the creatures come and where from the creatures come!! and should show some of the neighbours scenes how they killed by creatures, and sholud be nareated by another half an hour , if it is shown in this movie it would be 10/10

    April 10, 18
  • Appreciable

    truly shahid n his character makes the movie normal,infront of fantastic performer of ranveer,u should choose ultimate person like hrithik or so.n there should be one big n strong fight between their armies.

    January 26, 18
  • Seems to be episode

    the thrill ending up like a ice cream.movie should be extended

    November 02, 17