• wonderful narration. applaud moments. nice cast. great movie to watch

    August 26, 19
  • this movie is totally unequals to marvels or comic type. which gives the mood of sci-fiction. so this would be unfair to be a marvel movie.

    March 11, 19
  • very realistic, al d cast in the movie , done their best

    February 22, 19
  • ya movie is good , if some thrills are there, it will be joyful.

    January 25, 19
  • excellent movie. realistic, very exited

    January 22, 19
  • one time watchable, cast is superb

    January 05, 19
  • very creative movie….. too much scenes in depth of the ocean seems idiotic. that makes me some what bad.

    December 16, 18
  • very familiar movie , which is known to every one, the disaster scenes are very high lighted.. finally one time watchable

    December 16, 18
  • wonderful cinematography. very good script but predictable. i loved it. cast is very good n done their job.

    November 12, 18
  • some what interesting, ending poor

    October 27, 18
  • not so scary, logic less

    October 27, 18
  • not thrilling , bad platform and not excited.

    September 18, 18
  • very excited to see every clip

    September 07, 18
  • absolutely amazing movie in recent times

    September 06, 18
  • action scenes are good, story is bad, not thrilled with story. zero logic clips.

    August 03, 18
  • zero logic , slow narration , unwanted scenes

    July 18, 18
  • some of the few imp scenes not had shown that makes movie a little bit low from expectation.

    July 07, 18
  • its time to stop rajini sir doing movies, we are the rajini fans cant see him like old old old. no great fights no style , no big dialogues. not his range movie. stop doing in tamil . take movies from directors like sankar , rajamouli.

    June 12, 18
  • we felt amazed when they are in park, but when it comes in town it makes uninterest.there is no excitement in the end. the created dinosaur seems n feels like animated picture in the cartoon network.

    June 12, 18
  • wonderful movie to watch out the real story of pokhran, every indian should watch the movie.

    May 26, 18