• As a teacher, I have used the movie Jodhaa Akbar to introduce my students to Indian History and the Mughal Empire. Usually, the showing of the movie coincides with a field tip beforehand where the students are in a bus and request to watch a movie during the long bus trip.

    You would be amazed at the results! Not only does the bus become quiet as the students read the subtitles, but they enjoy the movie, the plot and the music! The movie teaches justice, moral values and that love conquers all. Last but not least, the movie teaches how a man should treat a woman and vice versa. Every time the movie is over, the students applaud and want to know more about India and its history.

    Although there is some violence, I consider the movie appropriate for all audiences.

    Can anybody recommend me another movie that meets the similarities of Jodhaa Akbar?

    November 12, 16