• Pathetic !!!

    This film clearly shows the flaws in concept of feminism in modern world.

    June 01, 18
  • Overrated movie

    The biggest problem with Alia Bhatt is that she is very powerless.

    May 16, 18
  • Simple,Sweet, Emotional film

    Rishi Kapoor steel the show.

    May 14, 18
  • Unpridictibility is the main winner

    Writer’s, Director’s,Cinematographer’s delight.
    Many times I felt that now it is going to dwindle but that never happened.This is the best thing of this movie.
    But many questions were left unanswered.
    This movie is not made to answer the questions.We should answer them by own.
    This is certainly a newer thing for Indian audiences.

    April 15, 18
  • A Good Movie but very unidirectional.

    Performances were really good.
    Radhika Apte real acting.Her mannerism as a middle-class lady was very real.
    Story is good.
    Sonal Kapoor’s love angle was not necessary.I didn’t like this angle.
    First half was good.
    Second half was dragging.

    February 10, 18
  • A Good movie but flawed but I m ignoring those flaws because of high difficulty-level.

    Director really deserve much applause for converting an epic poem into a narrative to fit the aspect of cinema as this story have many versions.
    Disappointed with picturisation of Songs(as it is a SLB movie). Song’s videos R not of SLB level.
    BGM,Sets,Cinematography R main highlight.
    Actors did well as per director’s vision.
    Editing is not good.

    January 26, 18