• For all the critics this movie is just a regular survival movie but with its effects it just opened a new platform for movies.

    Really enjoyed myself in imax 3d feel great with those superb effects.

    December 05, 16
  • Nothing can beat this.

    Really greatly directed every part of any average boy..
    Maximum of us had gone through this kind of life, really touching.

    All stages just perfectly directed.
    All this hard work really deserved to be at no. 1 position for richard.

    Just love u man…

    December 05, 16
  • Great imagination seriously a world like this for a kid will be difficult than anything else in life.

    Greatly played through the emotions,
    Very nicely directed not dragging any part for long.
    Great work

    December 05, 16
  • I really don’t count this as a movie.
    As an atheist i knew this kind of things happening with Christians and more bad things in other religions.

    But yea i know many never even imagined this.
    So to aware people about this dark side, hats off to the director for his courage.

    December 05, 16
  • Even worst than someone can imagine…
    Seriously how can someone take such a risk to cross border on his own carrying a small girl.
    Seriously they will shoot you both without even asking don’t show stupidity on screen i beg you…
    And yes followed by lots of senseless scenes.
    Over exaggerated characters… director should be put in jail for this kind of movies there should be some law for this type of directors i wish…

    December 05, 16
  • They were of old times not god times… lets assume they had some super human powers but still so badly directed and such a childish story i almost died laughing.
    Bad stunt and fighting scenes
    Poor CGI

    Only thing what made audience happy was the cliff for its sequel what happens next… in real this part is just full of you know it well and definitely not intrested in its sequal too…

    December 05, 16
  • This movie is totally just an above average directed and scripted which is rare in Bollywood.
    The best part about this movie is its ending.

    Great acting and dialogues looking forward for some more from the director.
    All the best…

    December 05, 16
  • A simply the way movies should be, directed in a very realistic manner with realistic emotions and conversations that what piku is.

    A beautiful story with great characters and awesome dialogues.
    One of the best Bollywood movie ive ever seen…

    December 05, 16
  • It might be a great movie for girls, but not a boy thing so no jokes were funny to me… i didn’t felt related to the characters. But yea still nicely directed and shooted…
    Good work

    December 05, 16