• I dont know what to say after seeing this movie but I will still try. I had expectations from Anand L Rai as he is one of my favorite directors in bollywood giving masterpieces like Ranjhanna and Tanu Weds Manu series. But after seeing the trailers I knew something was not right and my fear came to reality after watching the movie. The movie started ok-ok and was bearable through the 1st half as we are introduced to SRK’s charachar and Anuskha’s. But when the 2nd half started it lost all of the little charm it had in the 1st half that kept the movie going. Horrible story, editing and logic. I was unable to process that this was an Anand L Rai movie and was just sitting there and asking how bad it can go from here and then the sci-fi part of the movie kicked and it had just become one of “keep your brains at home before watching the movie”. So overall I had high expectations and was highly dissapointed.

    December 28, 18