• Well, I’m not a cricket fan but I’m being liberal here. The Untold Stories has nothing much to flash lights on Dhoni’s character. A biopic on a famous Indian cricketer M.S. Dhoni. The Untold Stories are not enough to complete his biopic. The cricket background is good, credit goes to Neeraj Pandey for this but as a whole I can say, not a satisfied biopic of a sport person. Anupam Kher played his role of a typical Indian father who is always concerned for wellbeing of his son M.S. Dhoni. Loved his performance. The leading man, Rajput is good as well playing Dhoni. Average.

    October 06, 16
  • A typical bollywood film. Nothing new and most importantly Mahenjodaro could not brought us a real picture of the place. Weak story, very much common yet predictable. Costume designing is good rest are very poor.

    August 24, 16
  • Very poor direction and writing. I was thinking that it would be a serious movie but the whole movie appears as a comedy show and the court scenes developed the comic scenes.. some unnecessary scenes are added for the #deshprem purpose. If you are a movie buff you better watch a comedy movie again..

    August 24, 16
  • This movie comes with something new.. unlike, traditional movies Udta Panjab exploited the serious and contemporary issue of drug addiction through beautiful storyline.. Good direction. Shahid played his role of a mad or drug addict musician, it was perfect.I didn’t expect Alia Bhat what she did in the movie.. she is different, well, I must say she performed better than her own. Good film. Must watch.

    June 24, 16
  • Cinemetography is good. But too much lighting. Performances are weak but watchable..

    May 27, 16
  • Exhaustive. Weak direction.. too much flashback.. this film only make you tired.. and thrust for the end..

    March 25, 16
  • “Carol” is okay, not more than that. It is quite slow and that’s why I think it’s a bit boring..

    February 29, 16
  • English Vinglish is not about learning English. It’s about dominance and humiliation towards the typical Indian housewife who is always after happiness of her family and her family doesn’t care but neglects all the time. A feminist work with a great message. Sari is not the symbol of suppression or witless woman.. it’s about guts over fear.. “Radha, mujhe pyar ki jarurot nahi hai, jarurat hai to sirf thori ijjat ki” express all the sufferings of Sashi..

    I appreciate Gauri Sinde for her outstanding debut.. Good story good direction.

    Sri Devi? Well, I was surprised to see such excellent performance.. wow! Really a good movie..

    One more thing, Language is not important for communication but comfort or interest to communicate.

    February 25, 16
  • You need to watch all elements trilogy.. “earth” “water” “fire”.. okey about water I can say, revolutionary work. If you want to know the historical atmosphere of Indian society.. It is a historical servay of Indian widow’s conditions… go for it.. really..

    January 08, 16
  • Brand New concept…. I don’t know why negative reactions coming from the critics and audience… You need to dive into the storyline to understand it fully…. Panditji’s psychological sufferings and duality are outstanding portrayal.. you need to look into the tragic situations of the two major characters and the game played by them; chess or life revenge game made the climax more curious.. the final touch is the revelation of the mystery and the game played by Omkar Nath…. in one word “outstanding”…. Mukesh’s performance is really awesome…. a psycho duality of Panditji… All did well… good direction.. rapid or dynamic movie….you must watch if you are looking for mystery thriller… but I confess, it deals with drama… good to watch movie..

    January 08, 16
  • Modern tragedy. Good, Kalki made it more vivid and clear. Her acting is outstanding. Good to watch movie. Faminine world of abnormal women are captured with their desire to walk with the people in general- is the issue of the film. Good one.

    December 10, 15
  • Damn powerful guts make them artist, wellknown to the world. Entertaining. Fine work. Good to watch.

    December 02, 15
  • A good to watch movie. Both the character he played are superb. Good climax, good plot. Fuperb…

    November 30, 15
  • The guts she holds is superb. Good entertainer and yeah revolutionary.

    November 30, 15
  • Critics sucks, especially those who rate it with 5 star or less. Don’t know what they want. Okey, traditional mindset will never accept it. There is various issue that the film reflected. 1st, contemporary modern man’s conflict about how to treat life, follow passion or family background. Suffer or enjoy? Such ideas are very much contemporary and reflective. Imtiaz Ali made a comperision between Indian mythology to depict the modern conflict vividly, he is successful in it. Both the script and direction simply outstanding. Who is saying it doesn’t have a story? One may not understand but it contains a strong story but non- leniar. Corsica is the centre and the story revolves around it.

    Okey, about music no one should ask a question. Outstanding A.R. Rahman. Superb.

    Inspirational movie, good to watch. Youth must watch it.

    November 30, 15
  • Barun was like a muted tv, stupid expression, acting. Very weak. But Siddique holds it to the level of my impression.

    November 28, 15
  • Reflecting the contemporary issue of terrorism this film depicts the conflict of racism. Love story is also admirable.

    November 28, 15
  • Let’s put the other issues aside. Acting is TAMAM. Good story containing a good messege. Will power, depiction of the time are simply fine. Don’t know why the critics giving minimum points! 8 for Siddique.

    November 28, 15
  • Okey. Fine love story. Superb acting but the action is slow and pale, may be the direction is the reason. But still good one.

    November 28, 15
  • Superb love story. Acting performence is outstanding. A good film to watch. Story is also praiseworthy.

    November 28, 15