• Candace west and Dkn.H.zimmerman stated that gender is never an expression of biological sex but is performitively constructed by the culture the movie observes this theme of gender performance the protagonist Jai’s wife janki has divorced him and he has been granted visitation rights for meeting his child once a week .under an act of desperation he hatches a plan and impersonate a female with help of make up artist,he undergoes a complete transformation into Lakshmi and gets employed as his daughter’s caretaker. He passes as a real woman despite having male genitals as he carefully manages the performance of normative idea of femininity .no one in Durgaprasads ( Amresh puri) house is aware of Lakshmi’s double life and later in the movie Durgaprasad and Haribhai ( landlord) falls in love with Lakshimi who is in reality a male. This clearly states that gender is an accomplishment, is not ascribed .movie is overall a balance of emotions and wit .

    September 25, 16