• After watching this I just wanted to know that what Arjun Kapoor was actually trying do???

    April 01, 16
  • It’s over the top melodramatic. Aditya and Tabu were good, but Katrina its just impossible to take her seriously.

    February 12, 16
  • After Baby Akshay Kumar is back again with his new thriller. Akshay Kumar was just awesome.

    January 21, 16
  • The story was just too good with an awesome Kareena Kapoor. A very good debut direction by miss Shakun Batra. I think one day she will become one of the most high profile director of the B-town. The movie also had a Woddy Alen touch to it

    January 10, 16
  • I was just moved by the originality of the script. Saif Ali Khan was awesome as always but Deepika was not that good.

    January 10, 16
  • One of the most horrible movie I’ve ever watched…… it was just exhausting Kiara Advani was just terrible…….

    December 24, 15
  • Raj & DK delivers the same old love story in a new form….. Govinda had nothing to do in this film….
    Still its a one time watch

    December 23, 15
  • Very very good, brilliant & nice

    December 20, 15
  • The story was good but it lacks the way of showing it on screen….Ranbir was brilliant but Deepika, what type of acting she was doing god knows….

    December 20, 15
  • One of the worst movies of 2015….

    December 18, 15
  • One of the most phenomenal movie made in the histroy of bollywood, For a while I was stuned by Saif Ali Khan’s acting. Brilliantly directed by Mr. Vishal Bharadwaj. One of my favourite movie of all time

    December 14, 15
  • Really loved this one, awesome music, acting, cinematography and especially the scale. Once again Anurag Kashyap delivers a masterpiece…..though it lacks at some points but still I think its a must watch

    December 12, 15