• One of the best movies in 2014.
    The movie seized me!
    “The movie shoot over period of 12 years of a boy named Mason”, that thought itself is an award winning and appraisable. Huge thanks to the movie maker and team for bringing such a great concept over to cinemas.
    Now as far as story telling is concerned, the viewer will relate this one to himself or herself. If we think about our past, what things we will remember? …. Not all the things as they are PAST things, anybody is likely to forget those things.
    But everybody is aware of all “Important” , life changing, memorable, happy, sad, things happened and we will keep them, remember them for the rest of our life.
    That’s all, this is the exact topic of this movie. All the things told, instructed, explained to Mason are directly or indirectly applicable to all of us. We can learn and make our life better through all of these experiences of Mason shared with us. I mean this movie was one the best example for our kids when they are turning into their teenage.
    Rating 5/ 5

    July 17, 15
  • LOST (again) in the SPACE and TIME after watching Interstellar!

    After all it’s a Nolan’s Odyssey. Simply we can call it as a Nolan’s Zone. A zone created by Nolan brothers, which is a combination of reality, fiction and science. That thought will take you to watch it in any cost (at least it made me to go and watch on big screen). Also trailers and clips of the movie can prepare you for the amazing things you are going to experience in movie theaters. If it’s going to be your first ever Nolan’s movie! Then BEWARE and don’t attempt it; because it will make you crazier and it won’t make any sense out of it. And of course it is not for mass audience or as we call it as a Popcorn audience.

    There are two types of movies, one type of movies you will forget after some time. And another will haunt you for the rest of your life and that’s why this movie will become Immortal in your mind. Interstellar is Second type of movie, which may lead you to many questions after watching it. If you get answers to those questions, it may lead you to some more questions (Latest example is Inception).

    Understanding this movie may differ person to person due to different approach to unfold it as it requires some homework and reading about scientific concepts like Wormholes, Black holes, space and time relativity, laws of gravity, etc. Nolan explained many things to viewers as story unfolds slowly. But many things have been left un-explained and kept hanging. That’s the reason it can disappoint someone like me, who expects all questions answered.

    The most important thing is that, because of some flaws and loopholes in the story, it’s not the Nolan’s best one. This TAG still remains with Dark Knight Triology and Inception. Another thing is that, some people may compare it with last year’s highly criticized flick Gravity, but it’s not even similar by any means.

    The movie is all about finding a solution. The problem is that, in near future earth will become inhabitable place for a mankind. So the scientists from NASA expected a solution outside of our galaxy by inventing a habitable planet which will be earth like environment. And after finding it safe to live, mankind can travel and settle down there. Nolan “literally played” with Space and Time for finding this solution. And really he played it very well!

    Now did our protagonist found this earth-like place? What obstacles he may face during this journey? The movie is all about these things. Even after completion of movie, you may not find all the answers to your questions because it is Nolan’s movie. That will lead to finding those answers in your own perception and understandings.

    As far as Nolan is concerned, we all know he doesn’t like sequels. And after looking at closing sequence of the movie, it is clear that this movie will haunt me more; if they not make a sequel after it. It will make more unanswered questions. I had expected more “Space Scenes”.

    Some may say it is Over-rated movie this year. But I have not find it Overrated, because, nobody gave it full 5 out of 5..

    July 17, 15
  • It taught me how to deal with the most fearful point in life, Death!
    Once we start any Novel we cannot allow ourselves to stop it in the middle of it. We ought to finish it, but what happens with the characters after the end of the book? It’s the same question raised by Hazel Lancaster, diagnosed with terminal thyroid cancer; who thinks that she is a Grenade as she is a cancer patient and it will kill her eventually and that’s the reason she is not ready to involve in any kind of relationship. She wants to live a plain and simple life which will be without excitements. Then another cancer survival guy, Augustus Waters comes to change her perception towards life forever, to lover her, to care about her and to never to forget her.

    July 17, 15
  • Reviewing Inside Out!
    What will happen if EMOTIONS will have EMOTIONS?
    Inside Out is not just an animated cartoon feature film, it’s a life lesson for all of us.

    The movie teaches us the way of living a life through the help of movie characters (which in fact are EMOTIONS inside our head!). It tells us an entertaining story so we can self evaluate us in difficult or unimaginable situations. It tells to stay Joyful in any situation, it tells us that sometimes Sadness is also essential but not more; just a tiny winy of it! It tells us not to make such decisions that will ruin our future!

    The movie revolves around FIVE characters (Emotions) such as Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness are living inside the area called Headquarters in a mind-area of a 13 year old girl named Riley. Based on their own discussions and actions, these emotions are controlling the actual actions of Riley. It is shown beautifully that each living person or animal is having the same kind of emotions in their own head. And each moment one of those emotions is having a control over persons’ behavior. The screenplay then takes a turn and the two of Riley’s emotions, Joy and Sadness goes missing in an area called Long Term memories which is located away from main Headquarter location. Then the story takes us on typical out-of-imagination journey of “Pixar Animated Marvel” and movie ends with Joy and Sadness returning to Headquarters area safe and sound.

    Pixar always tries to stretch our imaginations upto Horizon and beyond, with touching viewer’s emotions and this time they have hit hard! Viewers will relate with the dialogues between 5 emotions in Riley’s head with the situations they have experienced. It can give us strength to choose the right over wrong. The screenplay and dialogues are as good as any of the Pixar film. The story is so good, that we may feel that it should have more duration than it actual duration!

    It’s a must watch for “Pixar Lovers”!
    P.S. :- Viewers this time will have lovely Pixar surprise as the musical short animated film named LAVA is attached before the actual movie. So all the people going in theaters, do reach on time and enjoy the short film Lava and feature film Inside Out both in one ticket!

    July 17, 15
  • It’s a multi-lingual Epic of year 2015 from first scene to last scene.
    The final-movie-product output after almost 2-3 years movie making process including pre and post production and amazing publicity, all resulted into a “Biggest Indian Movie Ever Made”. The credit goes to Director SS Rajamouli and the entire team of actors and crew members.
    Baahubali – The Beginning is first installment from two-part movie saga made over 5 hours long. There were many special things worth to mention like an Acting by Prabhas, Rana Daggubati, Tamannah, Anushka, Satyraj, Nassar, Ramya Krishnan, etc. Every one person gave his 100% so it became really a product of great team-work. People will like Satyraj’s (Kattappa) character more because of the character was given huge importance as a loyal servant of kingdom and Flashback-story-teller which helped to cherish the screenplay. The highlight of the movie was post-interval climax 30 minutes war scene (the details of war are spoilers and need to be experienced by you viewers in theaters.)
    The story and screenplay was engaging and keep viewers on the edge of their seats the whole time. Flashback comes at the right place and at the right time whenever it was required, so there was little wastage of time. Two of the songs come in bizarre way were actually unnecessary and targeted for Mass-Audience-Entertainment which slowed the flow of a story.
    The special effects looked amazing in natural light effect. But CGI effects in many places were husky and with the flaws which were recognizable. But the best effects surpassed the bad effects and viewers will come out of theaters with good effects in their mind. The grandness of Kingdom was given proper footage and special mention for the gigantic waterfall scenes in first half of the movie was “gasping” that waterfall was a part of Sivudu’s (Prabhas) story as he tries to climb it many times during starting of a movie.
    The music was not so great and could have been better. Though the entire BGM was attractive and kept the screenplay gripping throughout the movie.
    Casting and Acting was flawless and perfect. Credit goes to all actors and Director who took out the best experience from all of the actors.
    The movie ends with the BANG (a twist) and will keep the viewers starving by thinking what will happen next. For this we have to wait till July-2016 as Baahubali: The Conclusion, the second part is scheduled to release that time.
    Overall it was a must-watch movie this year. This type of movie experience will not come again and again (unless Rajamouli is making it!). Don’t miss the beginning and don’t miss the ending! Enjoy this two-parter Epic Saga.
    Movie Rating – 4/5.

    July 13, 15
  • The place where Dancers turns out to be Actors and Actors can come out as Dancers!
    The movie will resembles with names like, Anybody Can Dance, Anybody Can Direct, Anybody Can Act.
    The highlight points in the movie are Varun Dhawan and Shraddha Kapoor and Prabhu Deva.
    It’s a Dance-Movie which is a second installment in Choreographer-turned-Director Remo D’souza, story is more in quantity than the first movie. We all know that the dancers can dance seamless, but Actors like Varun and Shraddha proved themselves with their hard work and dedication towards dancing. All teamwork improvised the movie to great extent.
    I hate those people who compare this franchise with Step Up and other dancing movies. But they forgets that those are Hollywood movies showing Hollywood talent which is more at their side but people actually forgets that we are Bollywood and less I quantity as compared with them. We can’t compare, we should not compare! The best is best at their own level!
    3D was enough used and looks better in closeup shots. All the wide-shots during Group Dance sequences felt like 2D only due to camera is far from actual cast.

    July 06, 15
  • Average horrorness in the film.
    Limited “shock moments” as horror thriller movie is concerned! Not a must watch!

    May 24, 15
  • Critics special movie. Filled with amazing successful technical experiments like continuity shots, steady-cam, stage lighting, close-ups, etc. (I am not specialise in these technical name, but I loved it.)

    Ending was bit confusing and hidden with meanings and theories.

    Overall this is “Oscar Material” as I call it.

    May 23, 15
  • Two words,

    “A Masterpiece !!”

    One of the best love stories of Indian Cinema. Kudos to all actors, director and entire team.
    Rating : Complete 10 on 10!

    May 23, 15
  • HEADPHONES recommended!

    What’s wrong if a teacher; or in this case a sound conductor goes harsh on his student for a greater good? This I think is the moral of the story.

    The movie about a drummer Andrew and his ups and down chemistry with his sound conductor Terrrnce played by J K Simmons.
    Amazingly directed, acted piece of a movie from 2014. Surely the must watch for J K Simmons performance as his best work I have ever seen. Awarded for his role by A Golden Globe.

    Rating : 4.5 out of 5

    May 23, 15
  • Review: Detective Byomkesh Bakshy!
    Rating: 4/5
    The Directorial marvel by Dibakar Banerjee maintaining his हटके storytelling way and skillful piece of Acting by Sushant Singh Rajput; takes us on a journey of Midpalace of Detective Byomkesh Bakshy to experience 1942 Calcutta in British-ruled India.
    Story: Initially a missing person case takes turns and reveals it as a murder mystery which later reveals the plan to invade Calcutta by Chinese and the Japanese invaders. The screenplay asks continuously the question “WHY” to viewers and characters themselves about the mysterious case keeping the slow-increasing tension till the end. Although the Interval-Moment looks like kept intentionally at that specific position for splitting total length.
    Casting: Screen presence by Swastika Mukherjee was duration-wise fair enough. Neeraj Kabi as Dr. Anukul Guha is cherry on the top and will worth to remember.
    Technicalities: Captured awesome location scenes by Cinematographer Nikos Andritsakis showing old and periodic Calcutta. Lightings, Shadowing, Frame angles, etc technicalities are worth to experience which improves story-screenplay values.
    Reasons to watch: It’s a must watch for those who worship Mystery Thriller Genre. Afterall its First Ever case of Byomkesh Bakshy. Some may call it an Indian Sherlock!
    Reasons to avoid: It’s a complete “Class” movie which may keep Mass audience away from it. It’s an average paced screenplay and may feel drag at couple of post-interval positions.
    Overall its must watch in theaters only!

    May 23, 15
  • Review: Fast & Furious 7
    Rating: 4/5
    Seventh installment (and not the LAST installment) of the movie series hits bang-on in theaters worldwide and how the franchise-fans will keep themselves away from it?! It’s a must watch to give tribute to Paul Walker.
    First things first, The movie was dedicated to Paul Walker, the 40-year-old actor passed away in a car crash in 2013 and the screenwriter Chris Morgan expertly worked around with the screenplay to overcome the effect of Paul’s absence. Use of body doubles for him in some scenes, involvement of Paul’s brothers Caleb and Cody happened to complete the movie, because whatever happens, Show-Must-Go-On! All the star-cast absolutely looked like a family and as a team in the film, same as the dialogue goes by Vin Diesel in the movie, “I don’t have friends, I got family!”
    Story: Simple and subtle story of extracting a Hacker named Ramsey out of a villain’s hand and using the system named as God’s Eye used to discriminate Deckard Shaw; who is brother of Owen Shaw who was a villain from Sixth movie. Deckard played by Jason Statham taking revenge and destroying each one of the guy who made Owen Shaw, a cripple. This theme goes hand-in-hand with cheesy dialogues, car stunts and fighting, with babes, car races, chases and explosions, etc. In short it delivers all the typical Fast And Furious Franchise outcomes for the viewers, plus it gives PaisaaWasool Entertainment. The movie finishes off with the perfect way of video montage compilation of flashback scenes from all previous movies as a tribute for PAUL!
    Nothing is impossible when CARS (Very Fast Cars) comes into picture! They can fly, they can create music, they can kill, they can rob a bank, they can win your heart, and they can overcome the laws of gravity and physics. Perfect formula to create Box-Office records.
    The timelines from Tokyo Drift and other movies crosses over with appearance of Lucas Black from third movie, Tokyo Drift.
    Technicalities: Strong technical techniques were used to overcome the limited and wafer-thin plot. The complete “Air-Drop” scene is well choreographed the best action sequence amongst all action sequences. Car ignition sound editing and mixing is now a piece of cake for the franchise, so it was also plus point. Fighting sequences choreography is bit shaky sometimes with camera jerks but has enough importance as story is concerned.
    Reason to watch: Craze for the franchise and star-cast.
    Reason to avoid: …….. I don’t think any!

    May 23, 15
  • Review:
    O Kadhal Kanmani (Tamil) (English: Oh Love, Apple of my Eye)

    Logical and realistic love story with fair treatment given to all the characters including side characters.
    Superior piece of Direction by Mani Ratnam, Starring Dulquer Salmaan (as Aadi) and Nithya Menon (as Tara) in lead roles as a Lovers. Also starring Prakash Raj and Leela Samson in supporting roles.
    Mani Ratnam (after success of Guru in 2007) with this movie literally came back out of failures like Kadhal and Raavan.
    With highly anticipated and appropriate Background score and lovely songs by A R Rahman and the Cinematography by P C Sreeram absolutely made this movie as an eye-candy visual treat to watch. Marvellous camera captures and colourful presentation of a life in Mumbai, local train, railway stations, the rain, famous areas like Marine Drive, CST Station,etc. all these things actually complements with love life of characters.

    Story: The screenplay revolves around a topic of Live-in-Relationship and its ups-and-downs. What conflicts theay faced? How they tries to overcome those hurdles is the story of film in short. Will they find an inspiration to have a serious relationship and have they found strong reason for decisions they made; its the questions for which viewers can find answers in theatres.

    Casting: It may be the planned thing or a co-incidence that Dulquer Salmaan and Nithya Menon both performed in two Romantic movies this year which are, O Kadhal Kanmani and 100 Days Of Love. They actually looked perfect made for each other type of couple in both of these movies. The supporting cast for OK Kanmani is Prakash Raj and Leela Samson, which actually acts as a love-life-guidance to Dalquer and Nithya in movie. Somehow the roles of Aadi and Tara sometime found resemblance.

    Reasons to watch: Highly recommended for A R Rahman and Mani Ratnam combination fans; they both has a legacy of movies like Roja, Bombay, Saathiya, Guru,etc. Now-a-days almost all big budget Non-Hindi movies releasing in alomost all over India and that’s the reason these movies are releasing with English subtitles.

    Reasons for not watching: If love story and romantic genre is not your interest.

    May 23, 15
  • Definately a must watch for performance oriented movie lovers. The chemistry between the TRAINGLE(Amitabh, Deepika and Irrfan) was worth to watch. Deepika and Amitabh classically presented the Bengali accent in their dialogues. Irrfan always rules and proves that he is the best actor Indian film industry has got. Direction by Shoojit Sircar is mind blowing. He magically merged the great performances by Trio and a performance packed dialogues and screenplay with eavh other. Ending or better to say a climax moment was bit an abrupt and clumsy.
    Impreesed by Deepika’s traditional Indian Woman look with suitable cloths according to the situations and a magical Bindiya between eyebrows. (Even intial credit sequence and used that same Bindii concept as with black blackground on which white credited names and “a red dot bindii for alphabets like i and j “.. Awesome art)

    May 23, 15
  • Mad max

    The impact and aftereffects of some movies can stay on your brain for a long time. Mad Max Fury Road is that movie!

    It is actually a sequel to the three movies directed by George Miller, the mastermind behind all movies in this franchise including Fury Road.

    Many trailers were made for promotion did offered the enough reasons to watch this movie. First reason is the background score of a movie. Second reason is casting of Tom Hardy as Max character. He penetrates on a full scale with his role in a movie including his husky voice appropriate for the type of role he played. Third but not the least reason is Charlize Theron, she banged on the role as Furiosa with bald look and with prosthetic machanical left arm.

    The entire movie was visually stunning as due the use of post-apocalyptic earth situation. Dessert scenes are intriguing and viewers will lost in it for sure. Unlimited fight sequences, war machinised vehicles, car and bike chases, flame throwers, drummers, guitarist with speaker wall behind him, etc are some best examples of over the top visual treatment given to the screenplay.

    I came out of the movie theater with an expression of supriseness on my face as i loved the stunning visuals of it.
    Rating it as 4 / 5.

    May 23, 15
  • Unnecessary review for such a great film but still i am trying..

    The movie surely delivers the satisfaction of movie watching experience. With its individual characters solo movies releasing parallely, now the challange comes with this second installment of Avengers is to push forward the story and to make a movie better than any of the previous one.

    Story: Subtle story with a themeline about making an artigicial intellegent androids known as Ultrons which eventually turns against the Avengers team and the story about how the team tackels with the hurdles (or sometimes creates hurdles). Ultron decides to perform forceful extinction of human kind from the face of an Earth as to save their existance and

    Details in the screenplay:
    This Second installment of Avengers franchise contains a limited screenplay and multiple action sequences throughout the movie. Some of the best action sequences are, iron man vs hulk , and the last action sequence. Mainly the screenplay was concentrated as for creating proper environment for future movies of this franchise. As we all should know that Marvel has already decided tentative release dates for upcoming movies upto 2019 and hence they are keeping lots of hints, clues and easter eggs in almost all of their movies. For example, Avengers 2 has shown us the possible story crossover with Guardians of the Galaxy series (these clues are some kind of spoilers and clues for viewers, so the viewers only can understand when these are shown on screen.). Also another interesting point to consider is that, even if this is superheroes movie the weakness of those characters has been shown wonderfully shown which helps villan’s character to become effective and strong. Hence making a movie doble sided by keeping antagonist and protagonist near to each other.

    Reasons to watch : made for hardcore fans of superhero genre and fans of all previous movies. Its the perfect way to spend weekend or weekday.

    Reasons to avoid:
    If anyone present out their who had not seen previous avengers or marvel movie those can avoid it.

    May 23, 15
  • Review:- Tanu Weds Manu: Returns.
    It’s a Perfectly made Sequel.
    STORY: The TWMR starts exactly where TWM has finished, at the marriage of Tanu and Manu. At that point of time we had expected that they lived happily ever after, but they both have moved to London and next scene is the separation between two of them over the typical daily Husband-Wife issues. Here exactly starts the magic of Kangana as she is explaining “The Situation” to Doctors in a mental asylum where Manu has brought Tanu for psychology treatment. Here she gives glimpses of her acting excellence which results into emotional breakdown of Manu and eventually he turns up into that Asylum for treatment. Tanu then comes back to India and tries to “Move On” as she meet people from her “good past”.
    At the other end Manu finds a look-a-like of Tanu and finds out she is Kusum aka “Datto”. Slowly falls in love with her, meets her brother (Rajesh Sharma) to ask permission to marry Datto. But her brother tells them that her marriage is been fixed with another guy, shows his photo to Manu, revealing that he is Raja Awasthi (Jimmy Shergill) the same guy from who was a fiancé of Tanu in first movie.The movie ends with epic climax scene in predictive way.
    The story in a synopsis point of view is linear, plain and simple. But the way it is written (by Himanshu Sharma) and dialogued will literally blow your mind. Direction by Anand L Rai is the best thing viewers will take home with them after getting out of theatres. Congrats to Anand Rai for his HAT-TRICK. It will make you jump in your chairs with a chappar-tod laughter. It will make you cry when Madhavan and Kangana cries. It make you applause when every-time (literally every-time) Deepak Dobriyal (as Pappi) comes and acts on screen he deserves Best Supporting Actor Awards this year.
    CAST: Madhavan and Kangana steals the show. But Kangana (TWO of her!) wins over Madhavan and draws with herself by playing Tanu and Datto. Due to her performance we can say that TWMR has became one of the best Double role movies in entire history of Indian Cinema.
    Supporting Cast:- Apart from lead roles, all the Supporting roles are amazingly magical. Jimmy Shergill as Raja Awasthi manages to create the same chemistry and masala in the story as it served in first movie. Deepak Dobriyal as Pappi, proved him again (after Maqbool, Omkara, Gulaal, TWM ) that he is one of the finest actor bollywood has got. Eijaz Khan as Jassi (Manu’s friend) and Swara Bhaskar as Payal (Tanu’s friend) also gave enough magic for their enough screen presence duration. Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub as Chintu a new character who was not in first movie plays Tanu’s lawyer in a movie plays sarcastic role till the end.
    Definitely, TWMR is better than its first instalment. In Bollywood usually we have seen that the sequel becomes unsuccessful to surpass the magic given by its prequel, of course there are some exceptions like GOW2, Rakta Charitra2, Sarkar Raj, etc. And definitely we can add TWMR in that list of exceptions because of over the-top and engaging screenplay writing and well written dialogues.
    Last but not the least; songs are used at the appropriate places. They didn’t slowed the pace of the story.
    In short, it is a perfectly written and executed sequel definitely worth to watch!

    May 23, 15