• I rewatched Bajirao Mastani after seeing padmavat. This could be one of bhanshalis most underwhelming movie. Watch it for a wonderful cinematic experience and the brilliant portrayal of Khilji by ranveer Singh.

    March 25, 18
  • Although it’s not as good as boyhood but lady bird is still worth a watch nevertheless. It’s a beautiful story which I could relate to very much. The acting is top notch by the entire cast and the mother daughter chemistry is scintillating to watch. The struggle of a mother is very well portrayed by Laurie Metcalf, she clearly steals the show. The romance and friendship of Catherine is shown very organically. Lady bird is beautifully shot and the screenplay is very engaging. I sometimes feel my life is nothing but a never-ending coming of age story. I’m still trying to understand life and everyday there’s so much to learn, you can never know enough. This movie made me realise that we see life just how we deal with autocorrect, we show resentment when things go wrong and forget to appreciate it when things go well. I would highly recommend this movie.

    March 13, 18