• Spider-Man: Homecoming is an enjoyable flick to watch with enough humor (sometimes with a wrong timing), good context in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), and some great visuals, save for the commonplace storyline that was last seen in all Spider-Man movies and comics. TN.

    April 21, 19
  • Other than being turned off by the poor humor timing, Doctor Strange presents ample entertainment as its arrogant protagonist quickly transforms into a likeable human being with superpowers and even more quickly learns the skills that he aspires to learn. TN.

    April 20, 19
  • Director Laxman Utekar gets a lot of things right in Luka Chuppi (Hide and Seek), a comedy drama that only gets better as you consume the narrative of a young couple as they try out the infamous life-in lifestyle for a few weeks before deciding to exchange vows. The conflict in the film, which is set in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, strikes a severe resemblance with real-life happenings in the state and elsewhere in India where live-in relationships are considered against the Hindu nationalist culture, Muslims are not shook hands with because they do not support the construction of Ram Mandir, and romance is generally seen as a sin. I enjoyed watching the narrative where writer Rohan Shankar referenced these real-life issues all too often to make the slightly exaggerated plot interesting. Of course, there are a few unrealistic threads sewn into this drama, but for a film that promises to keep you entertained with abundant humor, Luka Chuppi scores big. Everyone in the cast, notably Kriti Sanon, Karthik Aryan, and Pankaj Tripathi, do a wonderful job and bring out the best in the good writing that has gone into making this film. I sincerely recommend Luka Chuppi as a cool afternoon watch. TN.

    April 16, 19
  • Everyone in Lupt (Vanish) seems to be competing with each other for the worst performance award even as the audience recoil watching this slipshod treatment of a commonplace story that reeks of low production value, unintentionally funny sequences, and plain poor writing. TN.

    April 14, 19
  • Abhishek Dogra’s FryDay is a rehash of all those Govinda films that you have seen in the past as well as those comedy skits that used to air in TV along with oodles of canned laughter that never made you – the real audience – laugh. TN.

    April 06, 19
  • Vidyut Jammwal flexes his muscles and does a bunch of entertaining stunts at the start and the end of Junglee (Wild), a crime drama with a social message about animal (tuskers) and nature conservation that is extremely similar to most films and documentaries about animal and nature conservation. TN.

    April 01, 19
  • Indra Kumar’s Total Dhamaal (Total Festivity) is an exaggerated comedy skit – with startling disappointing tomfoolery by veterans like Anil Kapoor, Ajay Devgn, and Madhuri Dixit – that is so horrendously unbearable to the modern audience that it should be used as a test to detect intelligence in extraterrestrial beings if they ever come visiting. TN.

    March 30, 19
  • Sujoy Ghosh’s Badla is a smart crime thriller that depends heavily on its top two characters’ ability to make poker face, a quality that if you manage to decode will spoil the mood of the film as well as prevent you from enjoying the chilling revelation and the even more chilling actions of these monstrous characters. TN.

    March 30, 19
  • There’s a scene at around the 40th minute in Kesari (Saffron) where a character cracks a joke so awful that it tells you something about the tepid writing that has gone behind the film. A superficial description of a real-life story of bravery and valour set in pre-Independent India, Anurag Singh’s epic historical drama is mediocre in a lot of departments, most notably the production setup. I am also not satisfied with the turn of events in Kesari until it comes to one or two points about war and religious and territorial rivalry, nor was I thrilled to watch Akshay Kumar don the role of a maverick Sikh soldier. However, it did impress me when it subtly referred to the menace of the youth turning into terrorism in the present day world, which is why I regard the film as an average watch. Might be a notch or three better for people from the Sikh community both because of the sporadic language use and history. TN.

    March 28, 19
  • Rohit Shetty’s Simmba is made to appeal to the masses – with an overacting, highly energetic, and corrupt cop (Ranveer Singh) who comes to his senses after a tragedy and pulls up his socks to right his wrongs – using the most absurd narrative for a film you have seen since Golmaal Again (2017) but you already knew that. TN.

    March 25, 19
  • Anand Rai’s Zero is a film – with one of the most ridiculous plot for a Hindi film in whole of 2018 – that brings out the worst in all the people involved in it which further emphasizes the fall of mainstream Bollywood. TN.

    March 22, 19
  • Abhishek Kapoor’s Kedarnath takes a virulent turn from a blooming, soothing romantic story between two people from different religions to a description of a natural calamity but it still manages to keep one hooked and rooting for these characters that are written with genuine compassion. TN.

    March 20, 19
  • Abhishek Chaubhey’s Sonchiriya (Golden Bird) is a deeply distressing chronicle of the rebels of Chambal, Madhya Pradesh and their activities that defy local law enforcement in the most bloodiest way possible that brings various issues involving caste, politics, personal vendetta, and gender discrimination with much rawness albeit with a tiring frame that can put you off countless times in its 150-minute running time.

    March 18, 19
  • Photograph is a film that almost feels like (a follow-up to) Batra’s critically acclaimed The Lunchbox (2013). Two strangers meeting unconventionally in a fast city trying to criticize the fastness of the same city. The comparison may not be fair because no two films are same. But then again Batra’s latest feature attempts to break that notion. TN.

    March 18, 19
  • Director Zoya Akhtar somehow always manages to make even the most humdrum of stories into ravishing pieces of art. Gully Boy is no different even if you look at it from the perspective of a person who hopes to see social issues being addressed through cinema. For it also marvelously hints at issues such as social status and inequality and wealth and even (Islamic) polygamy to an extent. The excellent camera work by Jay Oza will make you want to watch it for the second time on the big screen despite of this review. And that is the kind of movies that Akhtar makes, only to find them being watched and rewatched by cinephiles years from now.

    Gully Boy gets everything right and pumps up your mood regardless of what position you are in in your own life, but just thinking about it a few hours after you have seen it will make you realize that it just falls short of becoming something that can be dubbed as extraordinary.

    February 15, 19
  • Ek Ladki Ko Dekha To Aisa Laga could have been revolutionary for its basic idea definitely is, but in its current form, owing to an amateur handling by director Dhar and her co-writer Dhaliwal, it “just feels okay” to watch and get it done with. TN.

    February 02, 19
  • Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi definitely has some kinks in it as an epic, packed with some amazing war choreography, resplendent production value, and some good supportive music. But it still qualifies only as an average show thanks to the formulaic approach, tepid storytelling, and some miscasting. TN.

    January 31, 19
  • Even though I am still wondering the point of Uri, a self-boasting, anti-cantankerous film based on actual events, it did not cross my mind till before the second half when I was honestly enjoying Aditya Dhar’s superior craft of war and its storytelling as he gives into the dreamy requirements of every patriotic cinema enthusiast in an action film where Pakistan again plays the bad element for the nth time and Vicky Kaushal moves to the next level of stardom. TN.

    January 20, 19
  • Why Cheat India could have been a lot better had it focused one or two real-life episodes and really delved into its deepest point rather than just summarizing how the anti-education industry looks like. As it is now, there’s no reason for you to waste your time on this. TN.

    January 18, 19
  • There is nothing extraordinary in The Accidental Prime Minister except for how it has been narrated, but I would still recommend it to you because it is at least slightly better than the countless hagiographic biopics we have seen in Bollywood in the past two years alone. This one here is at least honest and occasionally funny. TN.

    Originally reviewed for the Little India Directory.

    January 12, 19