• After a gigantic success with Dangal, Nitesh Tiwari brings us this nostalgic film about a group of hostel friends who reunite with an unfortunate incident and remember the good old days, for good. This is not just a funny film but also an important film which deals with something which is rarely discussed (no spoilers intended). The film is loaded with extremely funny one-liners (Varun steals the show here) and performances that you’ll love to watch with your ‘Chhichhores” and feel good about yourselves”

    September 10, 19
  • This psychological thriller has ONE murder, TWO suspects, ONE potential victim, TWO backstories and a lot of ambiguity which sparks thrills and add fuel to this unconventional whodunnit mystery. The writing and the treatment of the film is fresh and astute, Kangana does an impressive job as a patient of acute psychotic disorder, the film flows smoothly throughout having a potential to go beyond the ordinary but then the makers chose to take the easy road back home.

    September 06, 19