• Shashwat Sisodia
    Shashwat Sisodia
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    'Avebgers: Age of Ultron' messes up the interesting and marvelously thrilling visual portraits of its saving-the-world-in-style heroes with a big HB pencils.
    The visuals of the film captivate enough and to an extent, they do catch your eyeballs, especially in the first half. But that seems to be the only sort of likeable stroke in a film which fails to strike a chord on almost all counts.
    I loved the unabashed, raw gem that 2012's stylish and raw 'The Avengers' was. You do keep expectations from a sequel then. And it didn't have the kick, forget the stupendous-ness of the original. It borrows only the visuals, and the clunkiness from some previous Tony Stark films like 'Iron Man 3'. The film tries to be fun in the first half, but that is so clumsy that even the die-hard s know that this entertainment is false making up. And the second half, entirely exhausting.
    I'm going with a 2 out of 5 for 'Age of Ultron'. It's an astonishing bore which you'll like to skip.

    September 20, 19
  • Dev
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    Avengers: Age of Ultron Directed By Joss Whedon is a highly entertaining one.
    There is ton of action in it and by the end, you are satisfied with the result.Cinematography is good too but the main villian of the movie is villian due to its rushed origination. Ultrons motive lacks the punch.Loki was far better than ultron. Avengers 2 is like we have seen it before in Avengers.It is not fresh as the Avengers and does not break any ground.Guardians of galaxy and Captain America was better than this one. Now waiting for civil war.

    May 09, 15
  • Omkar Joshi
    Omkar Joshi
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    Unnecessary review for such a great film but still i am trying..

    The movie surely delivers the satisfaction of movie watching experience. With its individual characters solo movies releasing parallely, now the challange comes with this second installment of Avengers is to push forward the story and to make a movie better than any of the previous one.

    Story: Subtle story with a themeline about making an artigicial intellegent androids known as Ultrons which eventually turns against the Avengers team and the story about how the team tackels with the hurdles (or sometimes creates hurdles). Ultron decides to perform forceful extinction of human kind from the face of an Earth as to save their existance and

    Details in the screenplay:
    This Second installment of Avengers franchise contains a limited screenplay and multiple action sequences throughout the movie. Some of the best action sequences are, iron man vs hulk , and the last action sequence. Mainly the screenplay was concentrated as for creating proper environment for future movies of this franchise. As we all should know that Marvel has already decided tentative release dates for upcoming movies upto 2019 and hence they are keeping lots of hints, clues and easter eggs in almost all of their movies. For example, Avengers 2 has shown us the possible story crossover with Guardians of the Galaxy series (these clues are some kind of spoilers and clues for viewers, so the viewers only can understand when these are shown on screen.). Also another interesting point to consider is that, even if this is superheroes movie the weakness of those characters has been shown wonderfully shown which helps villan's character to become effective and strong. Hence making a movie doble sided by keeping antagonist and protagonist near to each other.

    Reasons to watch : made for hardcore fans of superhero genre and fans of all previous movies. Its the perfect way to spend weekend or weekday.

    Reasons to avoid:
    If anyone present out their who had not seen previous avengers or marvel movie those can avoid it.

    May 23, 15
  • -Mohit Arora-
    -Mohit Arora-
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    While Avengers-I had a story of its own (that depends on whether you believe if there really was a story there or just a bunch of super (stylish) heroes getting together to kick Loki’s a**), Avengers -Age of Ultron is more about the big picture. That essentially means you have to do your homework about whats there in pipeline by Marvel Studios over next couple of years and what is happening in the parallel comics universe of Avengers, for Joss Whedon sows seeds of future in this movie.

    And in the process what do we get?

    - A slightly darker sequel in comparison to the first part.

    - A bunch which is more comfortable in each other’s company now and share some really witty moments between them. Apart from others, its good to see the Cap too matching up to the wits of Stark and Black Widow, something that he probably learned in The Winter Soldier. And the coordination is even seen amazingly in the fight sequences!

    - Convergence of characters from various Marvel worlds in one movie (which could also become overwhelming for some).

    - A story line which I found better than the first part and which also keeps on dropping hints about the future Marvel movies.

    As far as action is concerned, there are no disappointments on that front as the movie starts in the top gear from the word go. Once the dust settles, the movie wanders into a little darker zone where Maximoff/Scarlett Witch literally screws up the brains of all the Avengers. To an extent that this screw up looked more damaging than what Ultron could eventually do.

    James Spader behind Ultron’s menacing voice is one of the high points of the movie. Sadly though, Ultron itself does not turn to be as menacing as it could have been. I felt the makers could have spend more time explaining about the creation/capabilities of Ultron to give it more weightage. Hawkeye, while in first part mostly played Loki’s “personal flying monkey” has more important role to play in this one. “Big Guy’s” screen space as a result is a little compensated, though his track as Bruce Banner is loveable. Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver too play their part well in whatever way they could without getting lost in the crowd of all the characters. And ScaJo, well hearts to her!

    Go watch it on the big screen (I watched it in 2D and still enjoyed it) but do your homework about the Marvel characters (Ultron, Vision, Jarvis, Scarlett Witch, Quicksilver, Thanos) and the upcoming Marvel Movies (Civil War, Inifinity War) so that you too are able to see the big picture.

    October 02, 15