• Aniket Parihar
    Aniket Parihar
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    All of us were told that this film is a biographical sports drama based on Mohammad Azharuddin's life. But mind you this is not a Biopic since Tony D'Souza and his team declare that it is not of a biopic genre.
    Emraan Hashmi plays Mohammad Azharuddin, a tireless, spirited and passionate cricketer. He is India's' Cricket team Captain and leads the game very successfully. Naureen (Prachi Desai) is his wife who is warm loving and has a strong attachment with him. Duo meet in an arrange marriage. Then in london he meets the alluring actress Sangeeta Bijlani (Nargis Fakhri) and falls in love with her being aware of his marital status. He is then caught in a match fixing and his dreadful life starts leading to bizarre situations and court rooms.
    Emraan emulates well but gets slightly defeated by the dull act show he puts up . He is not immediately very convincing. Prachi has very few scenes but creates a good impact, she is able to exhibit wife's emotions very clearly . And Nargis completely dissappoints. She fails to get in the character as the beautiful Sangeeta. She is a misfit. Lawyers (Lara Dutta and Kunal Roy Kapur) do justice to their roles and are morally good.
    What does not work as well are the court room scenes and some needlessly placed dialogues and acts too. The Director would perceive shortly from the reviews that dousing the appetite with an overdose of long run time and acts and also court scenes partially annihilates the film causing indigestion. Neither this film has a message beyond nor any plus point. It praises Azharuddin as a scapegoat and a loser too. A dismay for all the cricket fans. I am going with 4 stars - A Flimsy Film.

    May 14, 16
  • Raj Chugh
    Raj Chugh
    4 reviews

    f you go by the initial disclaimers ( yes, there are several, filling the entire screen) you will know that what you are about to watch is a ‘kaalpanik chitra’ (imaginary film) which is based on the ‘vibhinna ghatnaon’ (many episodes) of the life of a disgraced captain of the Indian cricket team; that any resemblance to any real event is ‘matra ek sanyog’ (a mere coincidence), and that it doesn’t intend to ‘hurt’ any ‘sanstha’ (organization) or ‘corporate’.

    September 05, 16
  • Sachin Prithvikarma
    Sachin Prithvikarma
    1 review

    Azhar s not a biopic,its just a judgement for the controversy of azhar life,if we see in such manner its an awesome film.next, emrann hashmi acting is top class

    May 15, 16
  • Sandeep Godara
    Sandeep Godara
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    Nice film
    Dil chahta h ki film ko bar bar dekhu
    One time miss this

    September 04, 16
  • Navi
    1 review

    Emraan Hashmi's film, which was released in May Azhar Azhar fans and for the fans presented a huge gift. The film's producer Ekta Kapoor, Shobha Kapoor, P. Singh, who has hit a lot of which is Rjani Sneha. Director and writer Rajat Arora, written by Tony D'Souza, the film is completely based on the biography of Mohammed Ajhrudin how they were arguably among the better players of his time wandering along the direction of the ball to turn his talent was. Personl life had ups and downs in their lot. He had 2 marriages, first from 1987 to 1996 they lived together with wife Naureen, then took Divorce, Sangeeta Bijlani He married, in 2010, with whom he became Divorce. His career ended with match-fixing in 2000 was very tragic way. They are regarded as the most successful captain in the Indian captain and in 2000 they were found guilty of match-fixing ban imposed on the life-time play and they refuse to prove it took 12 years from the Supreme Court in 2012, they clean was cleared of all charges is stale. Azhar many negetive point B in the film is shown. famousilty kising sence of the film is reduced. If someone has to make a biographical film is shown that the same is true then it is better to make a masala film negetive iffect have felt. Some players have said that the film negative point of Azhar Azhar's negetivity famous he has not risen. bt overall speaking, the film is a film that viewers Romnck Azhar's life knew nothing about it, now they have begun to look a sensetive. The music is also very popular by Pritam who liked everyone

    September 04, 16