• Shubhra Gupta
    Shubhra Gupta
    Indian Express


    I enjoyed the first half, and yawned through the much-too-long-drawn second.

  • Rohit Vats
    Rohit Vats
    Hindustan Times


    In short, The Karate Kid enters Bloodsport and appears in a hurry to become Ong-Bak without losing the essential Bollywood qualities. Baaghi shines only in patches.

  • Mehul S Thakkar
    Mehul S Thakkar
    Deccan Chronicle


    All in all, action sequences are fun to watch, but when too much action is accompanied with poor screenplay, it becomes unbearable, despite your lead actor’s ability to kick butt.

  • He’s got the goods of a solid action hero but it’s time to step out of the show reel space and shine under an actual script and a skilled hand who can bring out the Tiger buried under Jackie’s son and Hrithik’s fan. 

  • Low on genuine emotion, Baaghi is only as engaging as a badly designed video game.

  • Mohar Basu
    Mohar Basu
    Times Of India


    Baaghi blooms only during the fights but by the time the clock ticks towards the climax, you are exhausted. How much can you hoot for broken necks and crushed bones? You could try finding thrill in Tiger’s kicks but the film has nothing more to offer.

  • The film is tailor-made for Shroff and he doesn’t disappoint – he executes a kick with the same fluidity and grace as a dancer and makes the toughest of sequences looks scarily easy. The easiest of romantic scenes requiring a bit of emoting – that is a whole other story.

    But if you can forgive the lack of logic and acting chops, then “The Tiger Shroff Showreel” might be worth your time.

  • Sarita Tanwar
    Sarita Tanwar
    DNA India


    Baaghi is a high-octane masala feast. Watch it for Tiger Shroff – India’s best young action hero by far.

  • The one aspect where Baaghi wins big is the cinematography. Binod Pradhan’s camera is adept at capturing the Vallam Kali (the boat race festival in Kerala) with equal ease as the fight-club sequences in Bangkok.

    Watch Baaghi this week if you want to whistle along to Tiger and Shraddha’s bone-breaking punches.

  • Baaghi is an out and out action flick, which is ruined by romance and a tepid plot.

  • …is a typical masala entertainer which scores high on action and performances from the lead cast. With focus on entertainment, the film is, without a doubt, the best action film to come out of Bollywood in recent times. It has all the merits to hit the jackpot. At the box office, it will be lapped up by the masses on the account of its masala quotient. Highly recommended.

  • Angel Rani
    Angel Rani
    Deccan Herald


    Shraddha Kapoor gets wet everytime it rains. And Tiger Shroff makes it a point to drool over the baarish babe everytime it pours. In between the showers and Kerala tourism promotions, Shroff shows off the only reason why he is in films — his OMG! stunts. And they remain the sole reason to watch Baaghi as well.

  • You don’t feel like you’re watching an Indian production, so slick are the sequences…

  • Forget the rest, watch this film for Tiger Shroff. There is no one who fights like Tiger Shroff and it looks like we have finally found a genuine martial arts star. Hope he gets more such roles to do justice to his dedication.

  • Subhash K Jha
    Subhash K Jha


    Though not unwatchable Baaghi lays way too much stress on optical thrills.Forget feeling for the lovers, you wait for them to stop singing dancing and fighting  long enough to give love a chance.This is a narrative so busy having sex it forgets to enjoy the orgasm.

  • Baaghi is a slickly packaged empty vessel. The action choreography is striking, the locations are exquisite, the camerawork polished, the art design impressive, the cast well dressed. Scratch the attractive surface though, and you get a dated, cliched storyline that compartmentalises hero, heroine, villains and comedians in the way Hindi films of the 1970s and 1980s did.

  • Komal Nahta
    Komal Nahta
    Komal Nahta's Blog


    Baaghi has extraordinary action and good music as its plus points but a weak script as a minus point. It will score with the masses and will, therefore, do very well in single-screen cinemas, masses-frequented multiplexes and smaller towns but its business in the better multiplexes will be limited. Reaching the safety mark (recovery of entire investment and some commission) should not be a problem, also becau­se recovery from sale of satellite rights is sizeable (around 35% of the total investment).

  • Manisha Lakhe
    Manisha Lakhe


    If this were a Disney movie, there would be a song playing continuously: A tale as old as time… Before you can complete the song and sing, ‘Beauty and the beast!’Cliche upon cliche is piled up in this movie that should have been named Captain Obvious. Even the fights are so choreographed there is nothing new. Yes, the one star goes to Tiger Shroff for effort and for growing some facial fuzz.

  • I just think this is the sort of movie designed really well around the hero and therefore bumper numbers at the box-office, which this might well get. If not, I would change my name (just don’t call me Tiger, Leopard, or Cheetah, that’d just be just weird okay?)

  • Sabbir Khan’s filmmaking is average. Only high points in the film are its action sequences which are crafted in such a way that they will take away your breath. With a dash of comedy and emotions, ‘Baaghi’ turns out to be a one-time-watch. It is not an unmissable film, but you won’t regret watching it either.

  • BookMyShow Team
    BookMyShow Team


    Although, the film barely has anything new to offer and the plot is somewhere lost as the film transitions from one scene to another, the performances of the lead actors seem to make up for it. Another highlight of the film is undoubtedly its music, which help in facilitating an emotional immersion.

  • Bollywood Life
    Bollywood Life
    Bollywood Life


    Even with its various flaws, Baaghi is still a treat for the action lovers. Watch the film for its amazing stunts and Tiger Shroff. Boy, he surely rocks!

  • Bollywood Life
    Bollywood Life
    Bollywood Life


    Even with its various flaws, Baaghi is still a treat for the action lovers. Watch the film for its amazing stunts and Tiger Shroff. Boy, he surely rocks!

  • Uday Bhatia
    Uday Bhatia


    It’s nice to see an Indian film sling a few convincing action scenes together, yet it’s also depressing to think that we’d probably never have been able to work out such sequences if there hadn’t been a ready template. But then, that’s what we do best: imitate a superior product and package it as rebellion.

  • Cinematographer Binod Pradhan swoops in to save the day, capturing Kerala in all its splendor. And then there is the martial-arts infused action. These are the only two things worthwhile in the movie.

  • Kunal Guha
    Kunal Guha
    Mumbai Mirror


    Director Sabbir Khan should be credited for framing the well-conceptualised action scenes. But for the rest, writer Sanjeev Dutta left him with very little to play with. The songs in the film are great — only for your mid-film washroom visits. Almost 140 minutes long, Baaghi can get insufferable to a point that you hope the lead pair actually succumbs to the blows and we can all go home. But they don’t.

  • FullyHyd Team
    FullyHyd Team
    Fully Hyderabad


    Ideally, you’d leave this film alone and befriend Netflix this weekend. However, if you have a ritual where you visit a movie hall every weekend, and you can satisfy yourself with good-looking people and good-looking frames, and you are very clear that you’ll watch no film where you might need subtitles, then you can perhaps catch Baaghi.

  • Namrata Joshi
    Namrata Joshi
    The Hindu


    The film hangs on a plot thinner than a strand of hair: Wild, untamed boy Ronny (Tiger) is sent by his father to a Kalaripayattu guru to get trained in martial arts. Before you can say “another Karate Kid?” there’s also a Tezaab inspiration lurking in the background.

  • Shroff does a stand-up job of executing hand-to-hand combat moves, but there’s little else to look forward to. If you are looking for an all brawn and no brains feature, then watch Baaghi. Otherwise, it is wise to duck this missile of a movie.

  • High-end action saves the otherwise dull chemistry of this Tiger Shroff and Shraddha Kapoor starrer…

  • Vinod D'souza
    Vinod D'souza


    if you are an action movie lover or not, Baaghi, is a visual treat to everyone. The movie has romance, action, drama and edge of the seat thrilling scenes. The plus point of the movie is that it’s not predictable at all, and has many new twists which you can never think of!

  • Baaghi bored me largely. Watch it only if you are an MMA fan…

  • Baaghi is sincere but that doesn’t translate to good. Do you enjoy watching the film? Just the action. It is mostly too far-fetched and watching two expressionless dolls batting eyelids at each other is far from satisfying. If you are an action-junkie, you wouldn’t mind wasting your energy on this but for others this is a tiresome trek that doesn’t end on an exhilarating note. 

  • Baaghi is a derivative mishmash of several popular romances and martial arts classics, including Tezaab, Enter the Dragon, The Karate Kid, and The Raid: Redemption, but director Sabbir Khan at least gets the spirit of the action sequences right.

  • Apart from some exciting action sequences and trendy music, there’s not much that the film offers to look forward to. So if you’re looking for a one time watch, full of muscle and traces of mind, then go ahead and grab the film. 

  • Go for this unabashed masala confection — it offers a tangy dish of masala manoranjan for which we have been craving for a long time. There are no surprises at the macro level, but a good vibe and an imaginative presentation of the old wine to keep us riveted.