• Badmashiyaan does not have any real plot to tell so it crams the script with numerous characters, who enter and leave at will…

  • Mohar Basu
    Mohar Basu
    Times Of India


    Though it falls short of being an incredible movie but the unique style of narration, makes it pleasantly watchable.

  • Badmashiyaan is a height of mediocrity and showcase of pathetic love stories that lack the emotion in iteself. I could have watched cheesier love doevy romances but this supposed rom-com actually made me love sick.

  • BADMASHIYAAN is a shabbily made ‘not so funny’ entertainer that is worth giving a skip.

  • One consistent thought that you get while enduring this immature, supposedly funny, too clever for its own good film is ‘what the hell is happening?’ and that thought stays with you even after it’s over. This film (can it really be called one?) is more a random putting together of terribly executed scenes, filled with characters who seem to be injected with some kind of drug that kept them bubbling with a surplus of energy and irritating enthusiasm.

  • Subhash K Jha
    Subhash K Jha


    Badmaashiyan revels in an innocuous irreverence. It’s an original and frequently funny comedy of ongoing errors where various characters including a wholesome conscience-stricken girl (Gunjan Malhotra) , a hilariously over-the-top Sardarji and a clueless gangster’s right-hand-man(played with fantastic fervor by Nitin Goswami) meet and collide creative a crackling hissing humour. Most of all, the female protagonist is wickedly duplicitous to the last.

  • Geeta Masurekar
    Geeta Masurekar


    Badmashiyan is quite an unexpected prize. A film with a strong plot bound together by stunning performances, great music and a tight screenplay. This film deserves its moment to shine and is quite a change from the severely predictable rom-coms!

  • Prateek Sur
    Prateek Sur
    Bollywood Life


    Even Sharib Hashmi’s impeccable comic timing can’t salvage this film! The songs are really fab. But are they worth wasting time and money at the theaters? Naah! Better to download the songs to your music player and listen on loop, or play the audio jukebox online.

  • The cast is sprightly and earnest, but let down by a dodgy script and inadequate execution. Director Amit Khanna gives us a film with a reasonably interesting premise, but executed in an outdated, offensive and dull manner. You truly wish they’d change the title tagline.