• Ajay lawyer
    Ajay lawyer
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    kathrine kaif scenes minus points

    July 24, 17
  • Tejas Nair
    Tejas Nair
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    Kaif acts as a catalyst in the whole drama which talks about a professional thief Rajveer (Hrithik Roshan) trying to make things right after he's willfully stolen the famed Kohinoor diamond (the film hesitates to narrate the full story behind it) from London. A good amount of twists and turns appear as we find out that the previous sentence is not all right. Villains are plenty: Danny Denzongpa as the primary, Jaaved Jaffrey as his second guy; latter is more superior in performance.

    It is perhaps the sheer brilliance of writers (Sujoy Ghosh, I guess, did something good out of the borrowed copy of the film which it is a remake of) that the film moves forward with natural pace at the beginning. Harleen (Kaif) gets entangled with Rajveer and the rom- com musical kicks in. The climax is related to the prologue where Jimmy Shergill outsmarts all his fellow cast mates. As a whole, if you observe, the plot is silver-lined with a story so naive and unthoughtful that the thinking audience grows numb in the mind and starts to despise the on-screen characters. This is aggravated by our show-stopper (literally), the foreign child of Bollywood, Katrina Kaif as she lays her cards, babbling with an accent, while her hero is busy chasing bullets and throwing back (or should I write "ricochetting") few. That moment, I had completed analyzing the film and cursed my friend for insisting on it, over Haider. After 2 hours, your popcorn bucket is empty for the second time and you (and your wallet, too) gasp for breath while our Harleen is still stuck with a question about her lover-cum-hero-cum-anti-hero's identity.

    The action sequences and romance is all I am happy with, which may or may not include the brief scene where the hotties play tonsil hockey. But there is a good chance that you, like me, may barf during any or all of the action scenes because they all have this hip hop inspired dubstep music playing in the background. Kaif in her scantily clad clothes and Roshan in his ultimate human bod impress, but glam only fills a part of my stomach. With a series of fictional ideologies, drugs that make you tell the truth, the story finally reaches its climax and ends coldly. Music is average.

    BOTTOM LINE: Do not enter the theater with hate or prejudice for it is obvious that you will come out disappointed over a movie which is a remake of an international pot-boiler. While I would, and can, picture Roshan as Cruise, I wouldn't dare to do that for Diaz. 5/10 for a good, afternoon, action film. And if I had to put the film in to perspective, it is far better than Dhoom 3, yet inferior to Dhoom 1.

    April 08, 15
  • Tazz Saeed
    Tazz Saeed
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    This movie was made for masses whose definition of a good film are bullets, car chases, plane crashes and obviously to top it all bollywood's 2 most stunning actors in the film but what the masses today need is something that is more realistic and something that they can associate with.

    October 04, 14
  • Tanvi
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    The movie has a lot of copied scenes frm hollywood Knight & Day n Knight and Day has logic and tom cruise and Cameron Diaz .Bt bang bang is nothing bt disappointment the only gud thing abt ths movie is Hrithik it's jst coz of him it ws bearable

    October 02, 14