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    Bank robbery films have always excited me but in the case of Bank Chor, it is like watching an unfunny joke being told by the least popular kid in the class. Riteish Deshmukh plays a smart-alecky bank robber who gets embroiled in a mess while robbing a bank with two of his dim-witted associates. Things take a turn when they realize that amidst the hostages is one more bank robber who is more experienced and cunning than the trio put together. Amateur director Bumpy has tried to expand a 10-minute short into a 2-hour narrative that powers itself with fast-delivered one-liners and occasional twists. Instead of supporting the film's movement, Vivek Oberoi and Rhea Chakraborty disrupt it by playing nonsensical characters that do not hold muster. There's a reeking political angle in the plot that worsens the proceedings. Even though everything falls in place towards the end, to make Bank Chor look like a clever film, whatever happens in the first 30 minutes is enough to doze you off. Sahil Vaid goes borderline overacting but makes it at least bearable. There are a lot of issues with Bank Chor and even if the makers corrected it, it would still be a film that should not be recommended. There is just no substance here. TN.

    November 05, 17