• The slugfest between the two big guys is engaging but never exhilarating, and then it quickly segues into a longer, seemingly never-ending battle with an entirely CGI villain that reminded me of the big blob that Ryan Reynolds had to fight in Green Lantern.

  • Shalini Langer
    Shalini Langer
    Indian Express


    Supermen may need a bit of it all, but science, faith or fairy tale, nothing can rescue this one. – See more at: http://indianexpress.com/article/entertainment/movie-review/batman-vs-superman-dawn-of-justice-movie-review-one-and-half-stars/#sthash.3GrxczT2.dpuf

  • Rohan Naahar
    Rohan Naahar
    Hindustan Times


    Here’s a film that’ll leave both fans and casual moviegoers unsatisfied. And since it isn’t breaking any new ground story-wise, this is quite unforgivable, considering especially the excellent work Marvel is doing.

  • The movie is packed with references – both visual and dialogue-wise – to classic comic lore. Underpinning everything is Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL’s score. An artillery barrage of action.

  • Bryan Durham
    Bryan Durham
    DNA India


    Irons and Affleck are the best reasons to catch this film. God knows it isn’t Cavill’s fault. I’d say don’t miss the beginning and don’t miss the end. Everything in between is fair game. Your move!

  • Batman vs Superman is a thrilling tale of a rivalry between the two superheroes, trapped in justifying their heroic deeds. Their face-off battle is exceptional with a justified storyline but lacks a powerful impact. I hate to say this but I was disappointed with the movie.

  • All in all despite the immense hype and publicity, BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE is strictly worth just a onetime watch for the true die hard fans. While Batman and Superman fans might find a few scenes likeable, there is an overpowering sense of wanting more.

  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is recommended only so you can end the almost three-year long wait to find out what happens in the epic collision, but unfortunately for nothing more than that.

  • The non-linear spiel, though busy and fervently active, doesn’t quite enchant because of the frequent back and forth cutting that doesn’t allow for extended concentration. With the central conflict looking forced and out-of-place especially when there’s an irritating villain scheming in the shadows, waiting to be vanquished. The tonal template here is much darker than what Snyder designed for ‘Man of Steel’ and that’s a good thing surely.

  • After Man of Steel, Snyder had this one chance to redeem himself, and he blew it spectacularly. With the future of the franchise, including the Justice League movies in his hands, it’s truly a dark and depressing time for DC fans.

  • IANS
    Zee News


    Overall, this superhero film is a mediocre fare, which disappoints and will neither appeal to kids, nor adults.

  • Sweta Vinod
    Sweta Vinod


    This, however, is a superhero film and delivers everything you expect from one. The heroes are muscular and almost invincible, the special effects are larger-than-life, and the action will keep your blood pumping till the very last minute. There are no performances here that will suck you into the universe, but the potent mix of drama, action and reality is heady enough to make it worth a watch.

  • Uday Bhatia
    Uday Bhatia


    The audience I saw it with seemed desperate to find reasons to cheer and whoop—a sad commentary on the balance of power in movie making and watching today. Personally, I find it more than a little depressing that films like these—bloated, inept, making heavy weather out of pieces of pulp entertainment tossed out for children decades ago—have become such an inescapable part of our lives.

  • Murtaza Ali Khan
    Murtaza Ali Khan


    Overall, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is a film that ultimately disappoints despite showing a lot of promise to begin with. As previously mentioned, poor writing and unimaginative direction are to be blamed for it.

  • Two pouty man-children with obvious daddy issues, Batman and Superman fail to ever truly be the heroes they are. And crushed under the weight of creating a Marvel-esque DC franchise, Batman v Superman fails to ever truly tap into the potential that a clash between two of the most revered superheroes of all time should technically provide.

  • Shot by Larry Fong, who also worked on Snyder’s 300 and Watchmen, Batman v Superman is an eye-popping visual experience in which the action moves from destruction porn to poetic abstraction.

  • What proves to be kryptonite is the editing and the senseless direction.

    But it’s a superhero flick and if you’re even remotely interested in the comics, you’ll criticise and enjoy it all the same. Hell, it’s the Caped Crusader and the Man of Steel going at each other. It’s entertaining, but you’ll be left wondering if this could have been executed with a little more finesse and a lot less melodrama.