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    This is more than a review; a direct strong request to whoever is interested in watching this drama to NOT consider it.

    A rich playboy (Rajneesh Duggal) is challenged by his brother to court a young businesswoman (Sunny Leone) and get her to sleep with him. Also starring Leone's real-life partner, Daniel Webber, the film is evidently made only to cash in on the lead actress' probable fame and sexual appeal. The film starts with an item song picturing a scantily-clad Leone, and from there, it's a downward spiral.

    With cringe-worthy dialogues and unimaginative interactions between the characters, the film dramatically screws up without any hope of resurrection.

    BOTTOM LINE: Akshit Golakiya's "Beiimaan Love" is a unsatisfactory film made only to satisfy the male gaze. Stay away, and skip for life.

    Can be watched with a typical Indian family? No.

    October 24, 16