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    I enjoy animation movies not because they help us dive back into our childhood memories as cartoons, but because they often speak volumes about world issues. While Big Hero 6 doesn't particularly point at any issue, it may inspire children to embrace science and technology.

    It is basically a superhero film and as all superhero films go, it says almost one and the same thing. A bunch of heroes with powers defeat the villain. Period. In here, the story revolves around a teen who takes the help of his friends and a robot to avenge his brother's death.

    The bot Baymax is very adorable and children will love it. It is the only new thing that managed to intrigue me. How 14-year-olds manage to invent hybrid technological marvels is beyond my understanding, and that is why I do not appreciate the friendship of East & West here. The Japanization troubled me a little. The plot is about robotics, science, and ideas. Its audience will stay spellbound at how marvelously the writers have added color and creativity in the story. With a great comic timing, Big Hero 6 keeps you engaged on a thread.

    The chief issue it addresses is that of the perils of technology and how everything is based in the programming. The film, as a whole, makes nerds, an ilk mocked by many, look cool. It is nicely directed, has great sound effects, good score, and brilliant art setup.

    But, too bad, Big Hero 6 struggles with its clich├ęs. The story goes literally unbelievable sometimes and slightly jumps the line as it starts its narration. Visuals effects reminded me of Spider-Man 3 and if you stop and think for a moment after the climax, the whole shindig looks like a goofy, child's play.

    BOTTOM LINE: Of course not the best animation movie of the year. The makers have evidently failed to acknowledge the fact that, since the boom of computer animation and its cinema genre in the 90s, animation films are mostly fables than comedy-dramas.

    Can be watched with a typical Indian family? YES

    April 08, 15