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    'Chak De! India' is one of the most satisfying, amazing experiences in Hindi cinema in a long time. And that's because of three reasons- no necessary jingoism, an unlikely but blazingly women-empowering premise and the best performance by Shahrukh Khan in his career.
    Chak De! India, although an inspiring story about Women's Hockey Team, is Shahrukh Khan's game as he essays the 'terrorist' coach Kabir Khan. Actually, it is Shahrukh's best film as an actor, as he makes an effective cut as a strict coach, a great friend and one of the best emotional mentors. But what makes the film different is its being a Shahrukh Khan film without any romantic angle. There is India and there are Indian sportswomen, and as are the regular writing clich├ęs like focusing on one naive word of a colloquial language as Santhali, and the film oozes with melodrama. But what's further there is fun. You seldom get that these days.

    October 13, 19