• Shashwat Sisodia
    Shashwat Sisodia
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    'Chennai Express' comes with its own contrivances. There is an over-dragged plot which is nothing but a bundle of clichés all aimed against the South Indians and multiple overlong jokes. If this was a seventies flick, it would well have been called 'Uttar aur Dakshin' (I over-imagine terribly).
    But it is also guilty pleasure, because its jokes are funny and the romance between Rahul and Meenamma is breezy. Shahrukh Khan has been overpowered by Deepika Padukone who also delivers constantly, especially in the second half. Its emotional bits, somewhere, though largely never, do get where they want to. The use of accented, well-done Tamil is what I found great. It's a fun mass movie which goes in exciting directions, even when it finds comfort in the familiar and overstays its welcome.

    November 20, 19
  • Ajay lawyer
    Ajay lawyer
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    shahrukh performance is excellent ,different kind of movie in recent times

    July 24, 17
  • Midhun Ben Thomas (Dilseben)
    Midhun Ben Thomas (Dilseben)
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    Finally Eid is upon us & unlike the previous years, we have a SRK movie hitting the screens rather than Salman's. After the disappointing "Jab Tak Hai Jaan", SRK join hands with Rohit Shetty in the company of Deepika Padukone for "Chennai Express". The expectations are nigh high after all Rohit Shetty is the king of "no brainer entertainers" with an enviable track record. With the film already having an unprecedented wide release in 3500 screens in 10 different languages, it should have the records toppling left & right. Being not a great fan of Rohit's no brainers, I just hope it isnt the same old stuff. Hmm...let's see...

    Rahul (Oh SRK, back to his favourite screen name for the umpteenth time) is entrusted to fulfill the last wishes of his grandfather to have his ashes immersed in Rameshwaram. Though he embarks on this journey with an alternate plan in mind, it all goes topsy turvy thanks to Meenamma (Deepika) who is being escorted back to her village in Tamil Nadu against her wishes for marriage by her cousin brothers. Meenamma hatches a get away plan with Rahul, but will they manage to escape from the clutches of her father???

    Frankly speaking, I have never been a fan of Rohit Shetty films except for "Singham" which I enjoyed even more than the original. It's common knowledge that his brand of film making involves gravity defying stunts & brainless comedies...in short, a complete masala entertainer, which has a lot of takers as evidenced by the number of blockbusters he has to his name. Over here as well, the story isn't much different except that it's far more sensible than his other ventures. There are some genuinely hilarious scenes but quite a few were repeated which gets irritating after a point like the conversation conveyed through songs or the oft repeated "Dont underestimate..." dialogue.

    SRK has done an impressive job especially in the parts he makes mockery of himself, though there are quite a couple of scenes where he overacts. Deepika has done total justice to her role & stays toe to toe with the superstar. As opposed to Rohit's other films, the action sequences are quite minimal with the climax stunt being well choreographed. Vishal Shekhar's music rocked with "Titli" &"1234" being my personal favourites while Dudley's visuals were breathtaking at times.

    Verdict: Pre-release hype, catchy music & unprecedented number of release centres will ensure that the film takes an earth shattering initial. In all probability, it will break all existing records & will be marching its way towards 200C in the long run. From a personal point of view, it's just about average but definitely better than the usual buffonery of Rohit's films!!!

    Rating: 2.25/5


    September 18, 16
  • Sandeep Gupta
    Sandeep Gupta
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    Chennai Express. Given the fact that I watched it finally on TV with low expectations so I cannot say that I was disappointed. Of course, it is a brainless comic flick but it is charming in its own ways. It is said that comedy does not lie in actions, it lies in reactions. So it is not hard to observe that Shahrukh Khan plays the victim act quite up to the mark in most of the comic scenes. But movie belongs to Deepika Padukone who plays the bridge between Hindi and Tamil language dialogs and charms you with her subtle expressions and thick south Indian accent done quite right. Movie works in comic scenes but derails in last half an hour by putting extra song like Kashmir to Kanyakumari, out of context speech by hero and long DDLJ type fighting scene. All in all, SRK fans can easily survive the movie and it makes a good family entertainer when watching at home.

    November 27, 13
  • Bubbly
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    Chennai Express is the 21st Hindi film to enter the (now stale/yawn) Rs 100 cr+ club. Taaliyan!!! (or should I say Gaaliyan). And there ends the objective for this documentary on Tamilnadu Tourism.

    When the occasion is festive (Eid), the hundi is ready to be filled up with eager ever-willing / spending fans, there is a blitzkrieg of non-stop media, marketing and money spent like water, crass promotion spree with games releases etc, an entire week's free-run, competition trounced (Marathi Duniyadari and Tamil Thalaiva), mammoth release (3500) with countless shows daily in multiplexes alone and single screens counting, with ticket prices raised, the stage has been set by the big daddies (financiers) to rip the gullible apart. And to hell with the movie and the story. A documentary would do. Welcome aboard the Tamil Express. Were Ramaiya Vastavaiya released on Eid day, it too'd've done 100+ cr business. So it'd make sense only if CE ends up dong 300-500+ cr business. Let's see the star power. Let's see if this docu can survive a week and meet the next biggie the next week.

    Manmohan Desai-Amitabh Bachchan, David Dhawan-Govinda and now RoHIT SHITty-Ajay Devgan was/is a sure-fire hit combo. Most of the time these combos rode on luck but at times their movies didn't succeed. Shitty is purely riding on luck and he extended the olive branch to the over-the-hill, unsure and faded SRK, who lapped it up like there was no tomorrow. And believe me, this is so true. CE has entered the club but where has it taken SRK? SRK has nothing new to offer. He has no more new milestones to cross or any records to set. The movie cannot add anything to him except fan his ego. It's time for SRK to reflect and re-invent himself. In a couple of years he'll be 50 and... Let me leave this here as we've to discuss something very important- the (non-existent) story.

    The lucky letter K is abundant here in the train journey from Kalyan-Karjat-Kambam (Theni) to Rameshwaram. Forget Kashmir to Kanyakumari. A 40+ virgin hero, who is unsure whether he is Michael Jackson, Jim Carrey or Rahul of yore (I mean 20+ RAHUL) or whatever and makes faces to pass it off for acting (I guess, SRK has done better in his ads and photo shoots). The hero doesn't understand Tamil (so how did the director presume the viewer could follow this 60% Tamil padam. Wouldn't it be better for us to watch a genuine Tamil film Thalaiva?). The heroine does the translation but otherwise there is no mandatory sub-titling. Never mind as most of the viewers are doing what the hero is doing - NODDING yes and no. (Wonderful pastime). The heroine speaks Hindi in a funny accent and Tamil even more so but she sings songs in PERFECT Hindi! The toy train journeys through cardboard scenery. Wonder of wonders, a 35k cellphone thrown out of the train lands intact on STONES and is still functioning (phone/internet/text) like it is in

    August 13, 13
  • King who
    King who
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    Seeing Shah Rukh Khan in this kind of typical bollywood entertainer film is kinda surprising but let me tell you guys - he has done it !
    Rohit Shetty, the director, did a great job. He has always been known of this special genre of films in bollywood if I am not wrong and has lived up to the expectations in a 'better' way I would say.
    Music overall is a bit let down in the sense that bollywood audience love the singers' voice and flow of the song, not exactly the 'music' part of the songs. But technically this is really another best part of the movie and people will realize it while watching the movie. Songs fit with the situation and flow of the story.
    Nikiten, Sathyaraj and other supporting actors did lend a good support to the film and script.
    Deepika is just 'outstanding'. This is one movie where I would say that an actress went ahead of a male actor in overall performance. South Indian language, accent, expressions, confidence and of course the chemistry with Shah Rukh Khan - everything brilliant !
    I would go with 4.5/5

    December 03, 16
  • Rahul Dutt
    Rahul Dutt
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    First thing, I am gonna talk about myself very honestly.. I am a movie addict and a big fan of Shah Rukh Khan.
    I truly don't see a greater star than him in the Bollywood industry (though some International magazines state he is the biggest star in the globe. - I disagree with that.). As I already said, I am a movie buff (I watch both Hollywood & Bollywood movies), I have seen almost all the movies this year that has been well received by critics, and I must say, this movie is the best at comedy and action. It can compared to some Hollywood biggies like Hot Fuzz or The World's End.
    Now let's talk about the various aspects of the movie.
    Plot: The plot goes like this... a 40-year-old Punjabi man is on a mission to immerse his grandfather's ashes down South. Enroute he meets a young Tamilian girl who has eloped. Their lives entwine and his journey takes an altogether different route. In reality, the is plot is as adventurous as you find reading it, but the humor is even greater. And the plot take (with a few plot holes I have to say) many dramatic turns towards the end. Though some are likely to make you think "Why?". Of course, it being a Rohit Shetty film, expect some illogical humor that still manages to crack up the audiences in laughter.
    Direction: Rohit Shetty, well, I am not a fan, but I must admit... he does well. At least better than his previous movies. I found no glitches in the direction. Superb work by him and his team.
    Cast Performances: First & foremost, lets talk about the man under the spotlight, Shah Rukh Khan, who leads the cast. Man, he rocks. I salute this guy. The definition of acting may have been written by someone else but he (Shah Rukh Khan) defines it. The most important thing about him (and what makes him the greatest star in Bollywood) is that he knows what he has to do and how to do it. He does everything with perfection. Rohit Shetty once mentioned this in an interview, and right he is. Deepika Padukone is even better and more vivid and honest essaying her role. Her accent in the movie is so funny. Will crack you up time to time. Nikitin Dheer had a considerably small role to play. But even still, he was awesome. He was perfect for the role. A good future he has in front of him (no sarcasm intended)...
    Music/Songs: Songs are just above average. I, honestly, didn't find anything special in the music.
    Editing/Camera Work/Choreography & Other Aspects: Brilliant.
    10/10 just for awesome acting and directio

    November 26, 16
  • محمد المطيري
    محمد المطيري
    17 reviews
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    Finally its time to Get on The Train Babby and this train made me difficult to sit in my seat with out laughing(actually burst out of happiness). Completely laughing from the SRK's 1st line in movie "Let me start form the starting". I really wonder how SRK accepted such a kind of story, where deepika has more scope than him and she proved it to metal core. Whole 1st half is completely carry by her, only after that SRK's flavor(LOVE & DRAMA) comes into the plot and all the time he lived in his simple, stylish, most funny dialogue "Dont under estimate the power of a common man". Rohit Shetty has his mark on each and every frame. Though many part of the movie are lifted from some Telugu films, they are placed in a right place to make the film more attractive. On whole its SRK's funny romantic action Love Story in Rohit Shetty Istyleee

    November 26, 16
  • John Pakaat
    John Pakaat
    8 reviews

    entertiment entertiment entertiment with new idea and clean masla

    February 07, 17
  • Revenge again
    Revenge again
    8 reviews

    very good adventure movie with content and entertiment

    January 27, 17
  • Raj Khanna
    Raj Khanna
    8 reviews

    ‎ChennaiExpress‬ - The movie delivered what promised and that is sheer ENTERTAINMENT.
    Since it was a Rohit Shetty movie, I entered the theater having a mindset of seeing those illogical stunts and gravity defying action, but I was really surprised to see a "toned" down Rohit Shetty in this movie. Yes there were few action scenes here and there, but it was not very "over the top" as was synonymous with a Shetty movie. For me, I will not tag it as a complete "no brainer mindless masala flick", as it surely isn't.
    Coming to acting, SRK's comic timing was impeccable even when he was hamming through the scenes, it was done with a purpose, but finally it was Deepika Padukone who stole the hearts with her endearing performance. And did I mention it was funny, rather hilarious at times.
    A complete Family Entertainer.
    Those who don't feel laughing their hearts out won't hurt their intellect, will surely love this movie

    January 27, 17
  • My son
    My son
    7 reviews

    Best masla movie ever made

    December 13, 16
  • Joker Today
    Joker Today
    8 reviews

    There's always something interesting in watching Shahrukh Khan do his usual "common man" antics in his films. In Chennai Express, he proves yet again why he is called as King Khan in Bollywood.
    Teaming up with Rohit Shetty for the first-time, the film's success was guaranteed since its inception maybe, for the film has all the elements of it being an entertainer, with the scenes so well-performed that it won't bore you even for a split second. Truly, it is 142 minutes of sheer refreshment for the mind if not anything else. Deepika Padukone is a wonder to watch every time 'cause she proves her undiscovered mettle with every different character she portrays. While some may have complained that she had overdone her 'wild-child' roles, Chennai Express is that breath of fresh air to see her donning only traditional attires – mostly Dhaavani's and Kanjivaram sarees matched with beautifully-designed gold jewelry. What started as a promise Rahul (SRK) made to his grandmother, turned out to be an adventure he hadn't fathomed. On this adventure, he fights for a holiday, then fights for love, and finally gets married after having waited for so long. The film captures the raw beauty of Tamil Nadu in most frames and it shall be a treat for all those watching it. However, the dialect may become a tad-bit difficult to gauge easily since there is a lot of use of Tamil in the film, you would still know what is going on. An unintended adventure taught Rahul how to converse in the language fluently too. Nonetheless, Deepika as Meena is fabulous. She seems to have worked quite hard on her Tamil-infused Hindi for the film and she doesn't disappoint. There are references to many famous films, dialogues and songs in Chennai Express, besides the comic-timing is so well-placed that at no point it would seem as buffoonery. Despite the notion of a film only teasing the taste buds of the masses, this is one that both the classes and the masses are sure to enjoy. So it's an entertaining film, a travelogue, a love story, Shahrukh Khan, Deepika Padukone and a lot of elements of Rohit Shetty. You don't need more reason to go and watch the film.

    November 28, 16
  • Bollywood Baadshah
    Bollywood Baadshah
    7 reviews

    I would say if anyone looking for meaning and logic in a movie.. u r better of buying 'BLACK' movie CD or wait for upcoming 'SATYAGRAHA'starring Amitabh rather than watching Chennai Express. This is total wacko comedy made for PJ viewers. Knowing its a Rohit shetty direction one should know what to expect.... Its time SRK hang his boots.. Its Deepika's all the way.

    August 17, 13
  • Pooja
    8 reviews

    A total entertaining movie with no story n menaing to the movie, just a laugh thru out....SRK as always good n looked better than his previous movie Jab Thak Hai Jaan with less make up....Deepika superb acting n looked toooo good in a typical south indian dresses....Rohith shetty pictured beautifully and a good prmotion for the tourism too.....the songs lungi dance, Titli n kashmir tu was very good....over all again entertaining movie.......

    August 17, 13
  • Badri
    1 review

    Utter rubbish. Tasteless and Overacting. Not sure if this is a Hindi movie or a Tamil as 80% dialogues are in Tamil. SRK at his stupid best. No suprises if this also makes it to the 100 Cr club and Rohith Shetty come up with another sequel called Howra Express or Nizamudhin - Kachiguda Express. I would rate it 1 out of 5. 1 for the Music & the Lungi dance. Keep away if possible.

    August 14, 13