• Raja Sen
    Raja Sen


    It is a film with simple ambition and one that gives lovers of smaller movies hope: At a time when indie movies are increasingly taking pride in their verbal and grammatical incoherence, Fading Gigolo is evidence that a movie doesn’t have to mumble to be modest.

  • John Turturo and Woody Allen are their usual suave selves but Vanessa Paradis and Sofia Vergera are not far behind. Sharon Stone of the “crossing and uncrossing legs” of “Basic Instinct” fame is far more circumspect but hasn’t lost any of her oomph. “Fading Gigolo” is surely worth watching.

  • Shalini Langer
    Shalini Langer
    Indian Express


    Gigolos, menage a trois and a Hasidic Jew court. Can a film actually have all three and yet be a warm, funny and romantic story about loneliness? The talented Italian-American actor John Turturro manages this with a deft touch, wry humour, unjudgmental kindness, some lovely music and a surprising sensuousness.

  • Fioravante and Avigal’s equation transcends sexuality and steps into more tender territory. The film has plenty of clever humour underscored by a jazzy score throughout. Vergara oozes sex while Sharon Stone is a veteran vixen. On the flip side, Gigolo is pure Woody Allen formula and provides the right amount of gags to keep this sex comedy afloat.

  • Sachin Chatte
    Sachin Chatte
    The Navhind Times


    The plot does get a little preposterous at times but also gets back on track quickly. While Turturro may not look like a stud he pulls it off with a charm. As for Woody Allen, you like him because he is Woody Allen and not because he does anything sensational in the film. On the whole, Fading Gigolo is watchable but not memorable.

  • If a visually pleasant film made at low production costs is something that excites you, then Fading Gigolo is what you should watch. If you’re looking for titillation or a boisterous comedy, stay away from this one.

  • Troy Ribeiro
    Troy Ribeiro


    Written by the director, the dialogues are racy and humorously laced with exotic romantic phrases in Spanish. What adds to the viewing pleasure is the artistically layered jazz score.

    Overall “Fading Gigolo” is a moderately entertaining dandy film that lacks dynamism.

  • Saumya Sharma
    Saumya Sharma


    Watch it for the brilliance with which John Turturro has put together the entire script alongwith playing his part well. And most definitely watch Woody Allen marvel at being the best that he can be. The music flows smoothly as the story goes on. And there you are, with a feeling so light for your head that you are sure to have got your fix. Something that you may have been looking for.

  • Venky Vembu
    Venky Vembu
    The Hindu


    …in the absence of passion, what we’re left with is an unsatisfying memory of how good the quirky Woody Allen style of storytelling was, and how both he and his art form stand vastly diminished over the decades.