• Arshil
    10 reviews
    Senior Reviewer

    Gods of Egypt is an Egyptian fantasy movie directed by Alex Proyas starring 300's fame Gerard Butler.There are 2 scenes in the movie which are kind of entertaining.That's all about the positives this is one of the worst movies of 2016.The script was dead weak,we don't care about the characters and even we don't care about the movie itself.The romance didn't work at all even Gerarad Butler's acting was shockingly bad.Brenton Thwaites was the main weakling of this movie his acting as well as his character itself is a big let down.This movie is completely boring even the CGI looks atrocious!despite of it's huge 140million$ budget.This movie is made lazily on a green screen .The writing,visuals and acting never felt Organic.Gods of Egypt is a very bad movie which is completely opposite to the Revenant movie i have seen this morning.I suggest don't waste your time watching this watch Revenant instead.

    February 26, 16