• Logic indeed is in short supply here, and frankly the real magic the filmmakers conjure up is the ability to keep this franchise on the road for all these years with such minimal creative investment. Golmaal 5..? Wanna bet it’s on the way?

  • Shubhra Gupta
    Shubhra Gupta
    Indian Express


    Tabul is an unexpected pleasure, and lifts Golmaal Again. This a series which looks like it’s never going to end, and Shetty has the formula pat after all these iterations. I do hope Tabu becomes a fixture in the future Golmaals.

  • Sweta Kaushal
    Sweta Kaushal
    Hindustan Times


    Rohit has used his trademark slapstick comedy sparsely and mainly relies on the supernatural elements to make things look funny.

  • Arnab Banerjee
    Arnab Banerjee
    Deccan Chronicle


    …because the writing suffers and barring a few moments, there aren’t too many scenes that stand out, the 151-minute film is cranked out as a generic mash up of some of the scenes from the earlier films of the series. Still, I found the film being played out to pleased squeals at the theatre with some even rolling with laughter.

  • Some of the jokes soar, some nosedive.

    But to the housefull theatre I saw it in, and who laughed at every single bit, it’s the stuff Diwali releases are made of.  

  • Meena Iyer
    Meena Iyer
    Times Of India


    If you are looking for substance, then this one has no logic, only magic. But, if you’re looking to just laugh and be merry, Golmaal will again do the trick.

  • …this film stays clear of sexist jokes, toilet humour and making fun of the disabled. For that alone, “Golmaal Again” is one up on its earlier iterations.

  • Sarita Tanwar
    Sarita Tanwar
    DNA India


    It’s Diwali and for all Golmaal fans, there couldn’t be a bigger celebration than this. Despite its flaws, Golmaal Again will bring in the smiles.

  • Suhani Singh
    Suhani Singh
    India Today


    In Golmaal Again, director Rohit Shetty takes pains to have a story even though the goal is the same: to laugh at all costs and here is our movie review.

  • Go for it! It’s Diwali and some laughs here and there has never harmed anybody. Keep your expectations limited as Golmaal 3 was on another level. This neither will disappoint you nor will live up to your hopes if they’re sky high.

  • The sets look fancy and the production is slick but it just doesn’t come together as an entertaining watch. None of the original songs has recall value, the tracks that work are remixes of popular 90s’ songs.

    I was disappointed with ‘Golmaal Again’ and I really wanted my money back.

  • I must admit that this might be the most enjoyable of the four Golmaal films because there is actually a plot and the by-now-familiar characters are less annoying while the annoying ones are partially relegated to the background. Kudos to Shetty for reinventing a mindless comic brand to a duo-genre and giving it a new lease of life.

  • Komal Nahta
    Komal Nahta
    Komal Nahta's Blog


    Golmaal Again is a very good entertainer and will do well at the ticket windows.

  • Manisha Lakhe
    Manisha Lakhe


    Golmaal Again becomes funny in the second half and some ghostly goings-on make you laugh. But overall it’s loud and lurid and you come away with a headache.

  • IANS


    Golmaal Again is one of the better editions of the series. It definitely revives your interest in the franchise.

  • FullyHyd Team
    FullyHyd Team
    Fully Hyderabad


    When the most offensive part of a Bollywood comedy is two men insensitively wearing Klu Klux Klan robes as ghostly garb (sure most Indians won’t get the context, but you are releasing this film worldwide right?) instead of crude sex jokes and copious amounts of inane sequences, you’ve done something right.

  • Golmaal Again is not a laugh riot. But it has its moments of laughter, making it a fun and entertaining affair that can be watched and enjoyed with your entire family or gang of friends.

  • Golmaal Again is packed with so many sub-plots that at one point, you may find yourself losing track of what the core is all about. But clearly, the writer’s intention is not to convince you. The lead stars have enough chemistry and charisma to make you stay put in the theatre and you won’t regret the three hours spent watching this one. 
    If however, you like to take your brains with you to the movies, this Golmaal might not be the way to spend a memorable Diwali.

  • Ajay Devgn is fabulous as the mercurial Gopal, and, especially, astoundingly good as the nervous man scared of the supernatural. Arshad Warsi is an element, and Shreyas Talpade and Kunal Khemu are in even better fettle. Parineeti Chopra has a role that is easy in some ways and difficult in others, but she blends into the ethos like a pro. Tabu is a complete surprise again – she is outstanding as Anna. Another surprise is Prakash Raj as Venu Reddy, who eschews his standard villainy to be an enjoyable baddie. Neil Nitin Mukesh, Khedekar and Tikekar have nothing to do.